Book Marketing Strategies

Book Marketing Strategies

Looking for a powerful guerrilla book marketing strategies? Are you looking for a book marketing plan that can help you get your book in front of peers, influencers and the buying public? Would you like to generate FREE publicity for you book that results in:

– A #1 Best Selling Book
– More Speaking Opportunities
– More Brand Visibility
– More Leads
– More Sales


Hi, my name is Brian G. Johnson and on February 3rd, 2015 I released my book Trust Funnel to the public. The in the weeks and months prior the book went viral on Facebook and allowed me to achieve all the things mentioned.

This is video case study number one in a series based on my Guerrilla Book Marketing strategies, ideas, over all plan of action that generated life changing results.


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I share the very strategies, tactics and rituals that have generated job ending results for myself and countless students. More importantly, my methods have allowed me to impact others in a positive way and they can help you to do the same.

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