Boots To Compliment Womens Autumn Wardrobes

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By cjnew on 2014-07-23 15:19:31

Boots are a must have to compliment a woman’s autumn wardrobe this season. The styles vary greatly. There is the over the knee boot, shearling lined boots, ankle boots (called booties), knee high boots all consisting of intricate and nouveau styles.

Most of us are aware that an accessory can spice up any wardrobe. With boots being so trendy this autumn lets take a look at how these different styles of boots can make any attire up-to-date.

OVER THE KNEE BOOTS-according to the fashion experts this type of boot is best worn with mini dresses, shorts and skirts. Dresses and skirts can be fitted or loose. Shorts are better fitted but not tight. If the clothing is shorter than the boot, the tights should be transparent or the color of the boot.

ANKLE BOOTS-(or “booties” as the trendy people call them) are a fashion hot- craze. This style of boot is best worn with boot leg cut and cigarette trousers. Flared skirts or pencil skirts and dresses can give one long elegant look, as long as the tights are the right color.

SHEARLING LINED BOOTS-Shearling is a plush, natural fleece material, customarily made from natural wool and used as a soft, comfortable insulated lining. Besides being a hot trend for over coats, shearling is being used this autumn to keep feet and legs warm too. With this type of boot the look is more casual. Jeans are excellent with a casual jumper. They can be worn with skirts but be careful. Since most shearling boots are flat, they are best suited for long flared skirts a few centimeters from the ankle. You would have to be ahead-of-the-games to pull of wearing these boots with a straight skirt. If you dare to wear this combination, a short jacket in the same color as the skirt will help to keep the look in harmony without cutting you in half.

KNEE HIGH BOOTS-stops right below the knee. This style of boot is the more classic of all the boot styles. These can be worn with any length skirt and dresses. They can also add a nice look to a pair of wool shorts or mini dress. Its important to get the measurement correct as this style of boot should not “touch” the knee but stop right below it.

This autumn season the choice of boots to spice up any wardrobe is colorful with lots of styles to choose from. Regardless of any woman’s life style there is a boot that fits.

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