Botox And Pregnancy

By mag3737 on 2011-07-24 16:01:38

The effect is instantaneous and can last for some months. It is not that costly and so preferred by many women looking to avoid the signs of aging. Most of them can undergo this treatment for removing wrinkles; but the only group that is strongly advised against using any kind of Botox injection, are pregnant women and lactating mothers.

The relation between Botox and pregnancy has not been explicitly researched on. It is not known whether or how using Botox under your skin may harm your unborn child. Still doctors are unanimous in their advice that pregnant and breast-feeding mothers should not be using Botox injections. There is another reason why medical practitioners say that using Botox during pregnancy is not needed; the skin automatically becomes smoother during this period removing the reason for using Botox in the first place!

What is Botox


Botox stands for Botulinum Toxin A. It is a toxin, which is caused by dangerous bacteria that causes food poisoning, called botulism. So, in a way when you receive that injection of Botox to eliminate wrinkles in your skin due to aging, you are injecting toxins under your skin! That is why it is assumed that Botox and pregnancy won’t go well together.


Why So Little Research Is Being Done


It is very difficult to research in this field as for that researched have to use Botox on pregnant women. It is very natural that no would-be mother will want to risk the life of her unborn child in such a manner! Hence there are no definite answers to the question of relationship between Botox and pregnancy.


Consensus Among Doctors


Most cosmetic surgeons and obstetricians, according to ABC News/Health, warn their patients against using Botox if they are pregnant due to this lack of research. According to Donnica Moore, president to Sapphire Women’s Health Group, as long as the evidence of Botox and pregnancy is confusing or conflicting, it is better to err on the side of not doing it.


Why Botox Is Not Needed During Pregnancy


Pregnancy can do the same thing that Botox does, i.e. reduce the amount of wrinkles on skin. As water is retained more on the body during the nine months of pregnancy, the skin automatically becomes smoother and there is a healthy glow in the face of an expectant mother.


Effect Of Botox In Your Body


In some cases, the botulism bacteria can spread to other parts of your body, beyond that area in where it has been injected. This warning is from FDA and it can result in side effects that include breathing and swallowing difficulties; both of which can be dangerous to your life! There can be other symptoms like vocal changes, muscle weakness, slurring of words, incontinence and blurred vision. All these make it more important to avoid Botox during pregnancy.


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