Botswana Safari


Botswana is an important nation which lies in the centre of Southern Africa. More than 70% of Botswana is occupied by Kalahari Deserts. Botswana is among the top 10 global tourist destinations for safari. If you are planning a trip to Botswana and enjoy Botswana Tour, you can book the tickets for Livingston Airport. Desert Safaris are a very interesting and adventurous option for the tourists in Botswana. There are enormous tourist operators concentrating specifically on desert tours in Botswana. In Botswana Safaris you can have the service of four wheel drives and professional safari guides. Cars like Land Cruisers are specially designed for this purpose. There are highly trained drivers and guides to accompany you on your Botswana Safaris. They are highly paid taking into account the risks involved in this job.

Like desert Safaris, This Safari is equally adventurous to add to your memories of wild life exploration. You can stay in tents with all modern day facilities like flush toilets, showers, fan etc. Major areas chosen for these tours are wilderness. Most of the trips provide you with meals and laundry facilities. Unlike any other trip, you will enjoy the natural greenery and wonderful experience with wild animals of Botswana in your Tour.

There are various modes of transport that you can experience on a Botswana Safari which are provided by various tourist operators. These vary from four wheel drives to horseback and even elephant safaris, where you will be accompanied by guides who are highly trained experts in their field. Whichever transport you decide upon, each one is especially designed to provide to you with a wonderful adventure.

There are many places of interest that you may like to visit. Most of the tour operators will try their level best to show you the real beauty of Botswana. You can take a trip through the Okavango Delta channels where you will be aided by the experts who will ensure that you are given a safe experience while passing through the water ways and canoes. You can travel through the Chobe National Park which has areas of lush vegetation and floodplains and dense forests and grasslands. You can also visit the famous Victoria Falls with its magnificent cascade of waterfalls. The accommodation varies from the plain and simple tented campsites to the more luxurious valley lodges all of which are right in the heart of Botswana.

A Botswana safari can also mean going out on a big game safari. Botswana has many different animals ranging from lions to elephants, and choosing the right type of big game safari can be an intensely rewarding experience. You can find Botswana safaris for all sorts of budgets and tastes so you can obtain exactly what you want for the price you want. You can choose from general itineraries or seek out tailor-made adventures that can take you to specific corners of the region in order to get the most out of your safari. Overland adventures are also extremely popular due to their longer stretches, seeing more of the wilderness, from Victoria Falls to the heart of the Kalahari.

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