Bpo Thorn In Thick Of Things

.tags Bilateral talks between two countries generally deal with grave political matters. When the delegates talk about business, it is generally on diplomatic lines, with promises to improve business relations between the countries. However, that is not the case when the talks are about an industry than can make and break economies. The BPO industry is crucial to the bilateral talks that are about to be held in November when the President visits India. The question mark over offshore call centers has already resulted in a sharp cleft on the American political scene. The outsourcing of telemarketing jobs to offshore destinations is the reason why the Republicans and the Democrats had a show of strength in the Senate lately. Obamas bill to levy taxes on business firm outsourcing to offshore units was vetoed down.

All these problems and debate will be the background when the two countries meet for talks. The question of BPO outsourcing is the single most important reason why things can turn for the ugly. That is the fear that has gripped politicians and diplomats. The stage is set for a heated debate on this issue when the President is here. The Indian Finance Minister has already issued public statements assuring the call center industry of India that they will hold talks on the issue of outsourcing. He was confident that the problem will be sorted out through dialogue and constructive talks. Not many would like to share his optimism, though. These dissent groups consist primarily of businessmen. They are keenly pursuing the process of completely doing away with the anti-offshore propaganda that President Obama wants to carry on with.

It wont be a simple task to do. The question of outsourcing BPO work to offshore units is hitting the average American hard. They are concerned about the lack of jobs in the telemarketing sector. What irks them most is that while the American unemployment percentage continues to shoot up, the outsourcing of jobs to other destinations continues unabated. This angers the citizens of USA. In a survey conducted by NBC and a Wall Street Journal, it was reported that this was the reason why Americans are most agitated about their rising unemployment. With the coming of jobs back to the American shore, a primary concern for the Obama administration would go down as well. As the government of USA is gulping to solve the problem of jobs in the country, it remains to be seen how the President reacts to the pro-offshore clout in India.

A lot depends on Americas approach to the problem of business process outsourcing. The Indian economy, along with many other economies like that of the Philippines or African and Latin American countries, is dependent on USA to support their telemarketing sector. Without the projects coming in from America, the situation looks positively bleak in the future. President Obama realizes that if he drops the BPO pie like a hot potato, Americas image as the Big Brother of the world will take a serious hit. We keep our eyes and ears open to follow the developments in the recent future.

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