Breast Lift – A Perky Procedure That’s Not As Scary As You Thought

{flickr|100|campaign} Oftentimes when we think of cosmetic surgery, we think of a scene out of a soap opera: a face wrapped from top to bottom in red soaked bandages, months of painful recovery time, and a face underneath that’s even worse off than the one before the surgery. Granted, breast augmentation doesn’t have anything to do with your face whatsoever, but still, the stigma behind “plastic surgery” still exists. The truth is, there isn’t really anything too scary about a breast lift. The procedure typically requires only two to three incisions, and only lasts between two and three hours under general anesthesia. The surgery consists of removing excess skin from the underside of the breasts, followed by the elevating and repositioning of them.

Recovery time following the procedure is also minimal, and most patients find themselves back at work within a week. Initially, you may experience a degree of swelling, bruising, or soreness around the affected areas. Your doctor will typically suggest that you spend the rest of the day following the surgery in bed. After being under anesthesia for two to three hours, you will most likely have no problem with resting up for a little bit. The following two days, you will be asked to limit physical activity as much as possible, to avoid any complications or irritation to the sutures. Two weeks following the procedure, you should avoid any sort of strenuous activity, particularly activities that require the use of your upper body. If you are a smoker, your doctor may recommend that you abstain from smoking for two to four weeks following the procedure, so as to increase blood-flow and minimize swelling. Scarring is typically minimal following these kinds of procedures. Scars will be noticeable for the first few months after the surgery, but will gradually fade into thin white lines. Over the counter ointments and other treatments are available to reduce scarring even more.

You will experience many positive results following your surgery. Your breasts will sit higher on your chest, and will therefore have an overall more symmetrical look. You will feel a sense of firmness that you’ve never experienced before. Your clothes will fit better, and offer a more flattering look to your new body. But what’s most important is that overall, you will feel better about yourself. Though it’s sad to say, the world we live in today is based largely around appearances and first impressions, and having a body that you’re more comfortable with will do wonders for your confidence and overall self esteem.

Now that you have some of the facts, you’re probably wondering “What will this cost me?” Unfortunately, there is no stock answer for this question. In most cases, an operation of this sort is considered to be “cosmetic in nature,” and as a result, you may find some difficulties getting your insurance to help you out. The best that you can do is talk to your doctor and his or her finance department, and find out what options are available to you. Even if your insurance won’t cover your procedure, many doctors offices will assist you by setting up payment plans if you can’t afford to cover the surgery all at once. Not only is a breast lift not as scary for you as you may have once thought, it doesn’t necessarily have to be too scary for your bank account either.

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