British Blind Golfer Jon Bowles


Based on the British “Daily Mail” reported on Next Month that the blind golfer by using buddies performed a miracle hole. Jon Bowles, only a 40-year-old blind guy,
was utilizing a 3-wood taylormade r11 fairway, get out of this rare an opening in National Star College. Actually it had been uncertain whether he even hit the ball. He hits an opening beyond 150 yards (140 meters) when playing in Gloucestershire.

An opening is really a amazing achievement. Usually golfers hit an opening who’ll feet the balance, please drink a minimum of. For Jon Bowles, the main one hole is much more special, while he is really a blind.

Two decades ago, Joan Forces grew to become blind due to a vehicle accident. That accident happened in Oxford, brought him to some damaged arm, damaged leg, as the lung can also be damaged. But Joan Forces was adamant he were built with a full existence, and six years to experience this program each week. “I believe I hit a great shot, I am unsure I hit the grass, or hit the ball.” Joan – Forces spoken concerning the hole, stated, “I requested a buddy if the ball straight was out, I heard a little ball returned a little. Then my pal stated: ‘Oh, my God, the ball went in, I’m very happy to fist up swinging my fist.”

Each hole is Bob Chitty recommendations Joan -Bowles. He’d describe the problem at that time, told Joan – the ball that hit Bowers far. Next, Joan Bowles will choose their very own club callaway diablo edge driver, and Bob – Chitty provide him a direction, and also the club on your ball.

Bob Chitty know Joan Forces 3 decades. About this problem, he stated: “blind will limit you in several aspects, but golf, you’ll be able to achieve a great level and this is actually the first I saw an opening he was hit arrow as straight as if this sounds like his return six years effort and exercise.

Joan – Forces doesn’t have children, he added: “This teaches you a blind, and won’t hinder your whole existence and several golfers to experience for several years, don’t have any such luck hit a hole.” June 3 of this round ball, Joan Bowles eventually performed over componen 13. This type of score In my opinion most of the older gamers will are proud of. So I would like to suggest you play with wholesale golf equipment  at

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