Brochure Display Rack


There are varieties of elegant brochure display racks that include table top, rotating and wall mounted ones. The portable and lightweight brochure displays are used at desktops, tabletops and counters. The pockets in the brochure rack give a well-organized and professional presentation to the brochures and pamphlets. The Wood Literature Racks is mounted on wall and with its pockets, fittings the brochures can be well displayed. The rack can be easily rotated so the guests can easily access all the contents. The brochure display racks are used in office for easy viewing and availability of business cards to the visitors and guests also.

Different patterns

There are wide variety of Magazine Stands in different styles and colors. The brochure display racks are available in different shades like medium oak, light oak and dark red mahogany. The solid brochure display racks are made up of handcrafted wood that include oak and mahogany. The brochure racks can be customized according to the size of the pamphlets and brochures displayed. The rack with good finish helps in maintaining display and ensures the strength and durability of the rack.


The brochure display racks are used to promote marketing materials in customer traffic locations and lobbies. The brochure racks enable the person to use even the restricted space mindfully and effectively. The literature displays in such a manner that it is easily accessible to the clients. These brochure racks not only protect the literature but also offer complete visibility to the clients and guests also. These brochure display racks Act as distinctive feature to the booth, showroom and lobby.

Direct traffic- It also help in directing human traffic towards any event as the people get information about any event in any hotel and stadium and move towards the described location. This also takes off the burden from the staff to get more influx of visitors towards the right room.

At the retail, sales floor- The brochure display rack at sales floor draws attention of the buyers towards any special product promotion and helps in enhancing the sales of the product. The display racks provide more visibility of the advertisement to the consumers and draw them towards the new promoted product.

At presentations- While any presentation the literature and brochures related with the presentation is displayed at the racks so the invited guests and visitors can get familiar with the issue discussed during the presentation. It will give a professional look to the presentation.

The brochures educate as well as entertain the visiting patients either at dental or medical offices. The brochures are also used in tourist centers and travel agencies for advertising special trip packages among the enquiring visitors. Even the brochure displayed on racks sometimes changes the travel plans of the people and enhances the effectiveness of marketing brochures.

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