Brussels Travel Guide


If you are thinking of visiting Europe, then Brussels may not spring in your mind at once. But you would be surprised to know that Brussels has emerged as the hotspot tourist destination of Europe and continues to entice thousands of visitors every year. You will find that Brussels is a different kind of place, where you can just sit and watch the world go by.

Of course, a fundamental asset to any city is its accessibility, and Brussels doesn’t disappoint. The city itself is comprehensively serviced by an underground metro system as well as buses and trams. And for international visitors, flights to Brussels from London are plentiful, taking around an hour. While in the city, you can travel by trains and buses. In fact, bike tours are quite popular for seeing this wonderful place.

The layout of this city centre embodies historic class divisions. For centuries, the ruling class has lived in the Upper Town, an area of wide boulevards and grand mansions which looks down on the maze of tangled streets that characterize the Lower Town, traditionally home to shopkeepers and workers. For culture vultures, Brussels offers almost 100 different museums, some of which are grand in scale, others a little more humble.

Constant among all this is the quality of everyday life – the shopping’s great, the restaurants fabulous, the chocolate shops sublime and the pub scene extraordinary. For a long time Brussels didn’t go out of its way to impress, but its stint as Cultural Capital of Europe in 2000 saw the city dusted and polished in a flurry that brought renewed life to historic buildings and decaying streets.

Brussels is a place that you definitely cannot miss out. If you are planning to visit Europe, then don’t miss out on Brussels. A trip to Brussels will be very memorable for you!

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