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Budapest is one of the most beautiful and majestic European capitals. A bridge between Eastern and Western Europe and blessed with natural beauty, the queen of Danube River, it is able to satisfy the most discerning tourist taste.

It is hard to tell when Budapest is most beautiful – during the day, when you can enjoy the panoramic views and numerous attractions, or at night when bathed in light and the life there boils. During your bus tour there you will see that its magnetism lies in the full of attractions parks, in museums preserving different treasures, in boating on the Danube offering views of the architectural masterpieces of the two banks, as well as thermal baths from Ottoman time, offering a few hours oblivion.

Budapest is unpredictable and unforgettable – perfect for a bus tour. It is the capital of Hungary and covers an area of 525 square kilometers in the central part of the country. It is surrounded by the autonomous region of Pest and is split by the Danube. The city consists of two historic cities – Buda (right bank of the Danube) and Pest (on left). Buda is dotted with limestone hills, where is located the highest point of Hungary-Janos hill, while Pest is flat.

Your bus tour will give you the chance to see many symbols and attractions of the Hungarian capital. You should not miss the Hungarian Parliament – one of the oldest legislative buildings in Europe. It is located on the banks of the Danube. The Parliament is built in Gothic style and reminds of the Westminster Palace in London. The Hungarian Parliament is the largest building in the country and the largest parliament in Europe. In order to be built, 40 million bricks were used and half a million precious stones. In front of the building rises the impressive monument of Lajos Kossuth (journalist, politician and regent-President of Hungary in 1894).

Your bus will not miss the Basilica of St. Stephen – the second building in Budapest after the Parliament. It is named after the first Hungarian King- Stephen I, whose mummified hand is now kept in reliquary of the basilica. The faade is decorated by two towers with bells – the south one is the biggest bell in Hungary.

You should also see the historical complex Buda, which includes the Royal Castle (in which is located the Historical Museum of Budapest), Hungarian national Gallery, the National Library Szchnyi , the column of St. Trinity and Bastion of fishermen.

Budapest also boasts the Museum of Applied Arts, Hungarian National Museum, Geological Museum, and Museum of Fine Arts. Suitable for cultural events are the National Opera and National Theatre; pleasant for walk with panoramic views are the promenade of the Danube, the largest nature reserve Sashegy and the Park of statues.
Migrants hold mock funerals as they remain stranded in Budapest – Daily Mail

Migrants hold mock funerals as they remain stranded in the Hungarian capital city of Budapest.

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