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By madame.furie on 2008-10-25 12:21:22


Business travel is probably the oldest form of travel known to man and perhaps the single most influential reason behind the development of the travel industry. A few millennia ago traders and sea farers undertook arduous journeys across the seven seas and the five continents in the name of commerce. Today company executives undertake the same journeys, sometimes even visiting the same cities in the name of corporate travel.

With the globalization of international trade and emerging markets, business travel has grown exponentially. Following the post Second World War era and the expansion of trade and commerce many corporate organizations looked towards expanding their horizons and spreading beyond their homelands. This concept is not entirely new, for example the colonial eras preceding the 20th century saw certain European companies expanding into Asia, Australia and Africa. Following this phenomenon and the emerging markets in Asia and Latin America fuelled the growth of business travel.

Especially with the current lull in the global economy, increasing inflation, high oil prices and the specter of terrorism leisure travel has seen a decrease. However, by stark contrast business travel has been increasing rapidly. Many attribute this to North American companies outsourcing production to emerging Asian players such as China, Vietnam and Thailand. Also the booming economies of India and China have made it the place to be as far as trade and commerce is concerned.

With a number of factors fuelling the growth of business travel, many airlines, hotels and other travel related service providers have been quick to explore this vibrant market segment. Business travelers are mostly affluent and demand a certain level of sophistication. They also require tools to facilitate their business transactions such as meeting and conferencing facilities, the latest communications technology and most importantly a serene environment at the hotel they chose to stay in.

For business travellers to treading all around the world, Langham Hotels offer a luxurious gateway. Langham International, a reputed luxury hotel chain offers great comforts to business travelers from around the world at its numerous properties.

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