C Lo: Jose Mourinho is willing to unconditionally submit to sacrifice personal interest Real Madrid


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Mourinho came good. This is needed for C Lo ,2009-2010 season, former Manchester United players out injured for two months in the case of long still scored 33 goals, but waiting for him with Real Madrid but it is nothing being done. “I am depressed, I feel sad, because at the end of the season empty hands.” C Lo bluntly expressed their dissatisfaction, “This is a failed season, we do a lot, but found nothing. I look forward to Muli Ni Austria’s arrival, I believe he can make fundamental change happen. “

C Lo with Mourinho’s agent is Mendes, which makes them very close, but not the C Lo welcome “that a special” all the reasons. Mourinho has a champion’s temperament, wherever to win go, this is C Lo value most. “He is a born winner.” As early as a month ago, Mourinho will be in charge when the news first came when Real Madrid, C Lo could not wait to express welcome to the villagers. Now, everything has become a reality, C Luo Gaoxing great. “Mourinho has a glorious history, he is a rare coach, no one do not want to play under his command, because he always brings championship.” C Lo on the next season full of confidence, ” We can do better under his leadership, I believe that this time next year we can hold aloft the trophy. “

Mourinho’s football is efficient, is based team as a whole, which means that C Romania must do more sacrifice. “Players always want to forward to give his teammates provided more help, empathy and defensive line players will be made the same request, in the game or season, some of the time, in order to benefit the team, everyone should well prepared to sacrifice. “Mourinho frankly made requests. This C Lo said he would unconditionally obey. “The team is always higher than the interests of individuals, is the most important trophy, I would be happy to give up everything for the team.”

C Luo said he was the reason why Real Madrid is to be able to win more honors, to further improve themselves, “Every coach has a different interpretation of the game means the process of working with them is a learning process, as long as they can win , let me go to the porters do not care. “

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