Call Center Workers Lifestyle : The Ups And Downs


Call centers have become a craze among youngster. One could find a teenager to mid level professional working at call centers but as they say all that glitter is not gold, call center jobs could be lucrative and cumbersome at the same time.

The business process outsourcing industry mostly caters solution to numerous service related sectors such as airlines, pharmaceuticals, credit card companies, dentists, cellular service companies and cable and internet providers. Call center could provide inbound call center services or outbound. In outbound process, an agent has to call a potential customer and inform him about the knowhow of a product whereas inbound services deal with incoming calls, emails or SMS services related to a product or services. An outbound call center job could be tediously repetitious owing to the nature of job. The life at inbound BPO is challenging and demands much more attention and presence of mind. An agent has no idea of question; query or feedback a caller would talk about next. The process timings of contact centers are 24/7. Calling people with the same script, resolving their issues regarding a product and working at a 12 hours gap can drain out a person mentally, socially and physically. Therefore, a time to time rigorous training is conducted for them by their supervisors. Motivation camps, entertainment games, fun meetings are scheduled on a regular basis by the management.

BPO industry is known for their hospitality towards their employees and clients. For clients they save labor, costs and time while providing each and every facility to their staffs. Be it free lunch, a pick and drop facility, internal promotions on performance levels, in house gym or other entertainment facilities. Even if you are working as back office staff or an agent or in IT department of call centers, this job requires sitting and speaking for long hours and schedules. Moreover, customers can be really unpredictable. One needs to be really patient and polite while answering them.

The good news is that call centers hires people who are fresh, inexperienced and good in English. The starting salaries may vary but agents get hike very quickly on the basis of their performance. The compensation per project is also very hefty. So, with a job as an agent, one could be assure of financial security.

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