Can Listerine Mouthwash Treat Gonorrhea?

Can Listerine Mouthwash Treat Gonorrhea?

Can Listerine mouthwash treat gonorrhea? One team of researchers tried to find out! On any given day, A LOT of research comes across my desk, and even though some of it’s abstracts and early studies, I learn a lot of interesting stuff that really gets me thinking! While researching the antiseptic properties of Listerine, I found an article on the infamous mouthwash and gonorrhea. Just don’t get any crazy ideas!

Here is the article on Listerine & Gonorrhea:

‼️ Here is why this is a preliminary study and needs more research:
*The sample size of the study only included 58 men (small)
*They only looked @ cultures after 5 minutes
*Only monitored short term (48 hrs)
*No evidence regarding gonorrhea in private area
*Reduction is no cure, so visiting Dr. and getting medicine is still best bet 🙂

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Here is the question that inspired this video:
Q. I had a facial skin problem that didn’t go away for months. I washed daily and used creams but nothing helped. I suspected a bacterial infection. So I soaked a paper towel with Listerine mouthwash and applied it to my face, leaving it there for half an hour. The next day, there was a significant sign of improvement. A few days later, it was gone. I repeated this for a week just to make sure that whatever bacteria was there was not coming back. But as a bonus, my skin got even healthier, softer, smoother and looked younger than before.

My concerns with self-treating are practical — like it would be good to know what type of bacteria, yeast, fungus, or even virus (which it does not protect against) you’re treating. In some cases adding mouthwash may cause more problems, like compromising the acid mantle, the barrier that aids in keeping bacteria and viruses from entering skin. At mouthwash concentrations, you may not know how long the effect will last and it could be a heavy-handed solution compared to more effective and well-suited alternatives.

📘Fantastic Resources For Learning More:

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*McDonnell, Gerald, and A. Denver Russell. “Antiseptics and Disinfectants: Activity, Action, and Resistance.” Clinical Microbiology Reviews 12.1 (1999): 147–179. Print. Generally, the antimicrobial activity of alcohols is significantly lower at concentrations below 50% and is optimal in the 60 to 90% range.

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