Can You Stop Smoking Cold Turkey

.tags Stop smoking cold turkey or the sudden and complete withdrawal from the habit is perhaps the hardest thing for any smoker, heavy or light, to achieve. Most often the withdrawal symptoms prove to be too hard to overcome and the individual draws back to the habit. Nevertheless, it is stated that stop smoking cold turkey is the method used by 80% to 90% of individuals who manage to quit the habit successfully.

Cigarettes contain nicotine, a chemical that is highly addictive. Once a smoker quits the habit, nicotine cravings kick in and they prove to be very difficult to overcome. In addition to the nicotine craving, withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, insomnia, fatigue and headaches may occur and may persist heavily during the first few days when one decides to stop smoking cold turkey. Several methods such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy which administers a dose of nicotine to the body through products in the form of gums,patches and sprays could be used by an individual to relieve the symptoms and craving.

However,it encourages nicotine addiction in one’s body, even though this is a successful way of dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. The body demands the old level of nicotine even though these products offer a lower dose of nicotine to combat the stop smoking cold turkey symptoms. Thus, this creates a new level of required nicotine in the body. Therefore, it should be noted that using these products will only place an individual in a chronic state of drug withdrawal.

Only two methods exist to relieve this state, one is to stop the administering of nicotine completely and the other is to get back to smoking.One should remember that the withdrawal symptoms would only be highly difficult to deal with during the first two weeks and it would gradually decrease after that.Therefore, stop smoking cold turkey is probably the best and effective way to quit the habit.

Support and guidance from friends and relatives is greatly needed by an individual who decides to stop smoking cold turkey . Furthermore for an individual who decides to stop smoking cold turkey, joining a support group or undergoing counseling and therapy sessions would prove to be very helpful.

It should be remembered that quitting smoking, particularly to stop smoking cold turkey is indeed not a relatively easy feat to achieve. It will push the determination and the will power of the individual perhaps to the absolute limit.

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