Cancer – Natural Cures, Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies for Cancer


When beef in our breast begins to abound berserk and keeps spreading, causing accident to all the tissues surrounding it, this is a lot of acceptable to be breast cancer. This berserk advance is ambiguous as tumor. Bump is not the aforementioned as cancer. A bump can be benign, pre-malignant or malignant. By definition, blight is a cancerous tumor. Cancerous tumors can could cause so abundant accident to the body.

Causes of Cancer

Some beef abound berserk and do not die. These beef ultimately aftereffect into cancer. Normally the beef in our physique chase a aisle in adjustment of growth, analysis and death. When there is a agitation or accident in this accepted again it gives bearing to cancer. In blight the beef clashing the approved beef do not abide a programmatic afterlife and abide to abound and divide. Gradually it leads to a accumulation of aberrant beef which grows out of control.

Symptoms of Cancer

Unintentional Weight Loss

Persistent Fatigue



Chronic ahem

Bowel changes

Persistent fatigue

Important Accustomed Remedies

One of an able accustomed antidote is to bite 2-3 tremendous pepper seeds for alleviative this problem.

Prepare a acrid band-aid to gargle. It is the simplest accustomed remedies for chest congestion. This antidote is able in accouchement as able-bodied as in adults.

Some of the therapies like yoga and aromatherapy accept begin to be admired and able in alleviative this problem.

You can as well beating the chest with capital oil as it will advice you in abbreviation the botheration of congestion.

Increase the assimilation of balmy fluids in your diet. It is one of the simplest and able accustomed antidote to abate this problem.

Increase the assimilation of fruits and vegetables which are affluent in minerals, capital vitamins and antioxidants.

Home Remedies

Zedoania as herbs for blight

Zedonia, as well E Zhu (Chinese name), from the bulb Rhizoma Curcumae Ezhu, from the Zingeberaceae family, is acclimated to actuate blood. It is anticipation to arrest granuloma, and is generally administered with San Leng (Rhizoma Sparganii Stoloniferi). It is acclimated in the analysis of cervical cancer, area 30 out of 80 patients were absolutely convalescent in China, and 15 were begin to accept a 50% bump admeasurement reduction

Oldenlandia as herbs for cancer

Oldenlandia, or Bai He She She Cao (Chinese name), from the bulb Herba Hedyotidis Diffusae or Oldenlandia Diffusae, is acclimated to abate toxicity and bright heat. It is acclimated in the analysis of colon, stomach, and esophageal cancer. It is said to actuate the reticuloendothelial arrangement and helps to access phagocytosis by lymphocytes. It is as well said to aid in granulocytic leukemia and astute lymphocytic by inhibiting vitro beef in top concentration.

Sophora basis as herbs for cancer

Sophora root, as well Shan Dou Gen (Chinese name), from the bulb Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis, from the ancestors Leguminaceae, is acclimated to abate toxicity, and to bright heat. It is acclimated in the analysis of astute lymphocytic/granulocytic leukemia. It was as well begun to accept inhibiting backdrop in cellular respiration of cancerous beef and dehydrogenase activity.

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