Cape Town galleries

Over 100 art galleries operate in Cape Town, all offering different kinds of art. Much of the contemporary art on offer reflects South African culture and could make the perfect souvenir for travelers visiting South Africa and staying at one of the many holiday villas in Cape Town. Many of these visitors may have seen some South African art that resonated with them on the walls of their Cape Town guest houses, as it is popular for owners to decorate their flats to rent in Cape Town with contemporary South African art.


34 Long Fine Art is located, as the name suggests, on Long Street, its clientele is the serious collector and exhibits a selection of established South African artists as well as International artists .


The 3rd i Gallery is found in the trendy De Waterkant area in an 18th century warehouse which contrasts beautifully with it’s exhibitions that explore contemporary South African issues.


On the opposite side of Cape Town, in the quite area of Fish Hoek, African Perspective specializes in inspired African Art.


African pix operates out of Constantia and specializes in photography, they also print their photographs on canvas, aluminium, wood and vinyl.


In the tranquil and up market suburb of Hout Bay, Annie’s art studio is known for their reliable freighting which they arrange at no extra cost.


Art1 markets itself as a visionary, new-age art gallery that features three artists, while Artapart in Woodstock exhibits funk art and functional art  and also caters for art functions.

Visitors a can attend a weekly auction at Ashbey’s Galleries, where they also appraise fine art and antiques.


The AVA (the Association for Visual Art) exhibits three solo shows by three separate contemporary artists at a time.


Cape Art in Rondebosch specializes in art produced by Cape Town artists with an emphasis on paintings of people and places of the Western Cape.




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