Cape Town markets

While the city is known for its exquisite Cape Town villa rentals, with perhaps the finest of all the villas in Cape Town located along the Atlantic Seaboard, it is also known for its varied activities available to visitors, such as its markets. Some of its most popular markets are Milnerton Market and Greenmarket Square.


Greenmarket Square is located amongst the skyscrapers of Cape Town’s business district, it was originally a slave market, then a fruit and vegetable market and during the 1950’s, a parking lot. These days it attracts many locals and visitors alike in search of glassware, hand painted fabrics, footwear, music, sunglasses and African curios.


While browsing the large and varied market, visitors will also be entertained by buskers, mime artists and jugglers. The market is surrounded by many coffee shops and sidewalk cafes in which visitors can sit and watch the buzz of the city. Greenmarket Square is open between 09:00 and 16:00 from Monday to Saturday.


Milnerton Market is no longer situated in Milnerton, it was originally, about 15 years ago. Now the market is situated on Marine Drive, across the road from Paarden Eiland, an industrial area.


The market occupies a large piece of land and has a lovely view of Table Mountain and the city, it is also close enough to the ocean to smell the sea air. Milnerton Market is the place to browse for antiques and odd collectables at very good bargains. Goods on offer vary from old car parts to collectable china, glassware and furnishings.


The food stalls include pancakes, ginger beer, boerewors and ice cream. Open every Saturday and Sunday from around 8:30 until 14:00, unless the wind is blowing gales that day, in which case the stallholders pack up early. The journey from the visitors’ Atlantic Seaboard Cape Town villas is a mere 15 minutes.




Cape Town runs out of water; who’s next

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