Car Insurance ? Flood Advice

With heavy rain forecast in the UK, the newspapers and television reports warn us of impending floods hazards. A majority of these reports focus on the damage sustained by real estate focus and business.

Floods have also affected vehicles, which sometimes required to thousands of euros for repairs to flood damage. Road users, even at the risk, even those who do not live in areas with risk of flooding.

But there are steps you can take to prepare for yourVehicle and your finances in case of flood damage:

Check your car insurance you in case of flood damage. Most measures are fully comprehensive cover “flood” as the default. However, the “third party fire and theft” policies may look a little more to cover the elimination of flood damage.
When a flood warning has been issued in your area and you are unsure of your cover, motor insurance, you get checked by your provider –any details before setting off on a journey.

Local Car Insurance

If a flood warning is issued in your area, try and store your vehicle on higher ground if you are able to.

If you need to travel during flood conditions, be sure to leave plenty of time for your journey.

Make sure you let someone know of the planned itinerary of your journey, including departure times and an approximate return time – this information can be valuable to emergency services should you become stranded.

Local Car Insurance

Keep a watchful eye and ears on the local radio and TV weather and travel reports, please take the time to make alternative routes in case of road closures in flood-prone areas of research.
Pack a small bag with a change of clothes, food and drink, and a fully charged cell phone in an emergency.

When driving into flooded, it is important to take precautions, both before and after the trip:

Drive slowly and cautiously, to allow plenty of space between himself and the car,reminded that stopping distance is reduced when wet.
Take great care to flooded parts of the road, always on the highest point. Do not try to travel through flooded patches, if you are not sure of the depth.
If you are traveling by floods, driving at low speeds and be alert for any debris or other obstructions that can cause damage to your vehicle.
Once dry, the water, with soft brakes on your brakes, but make sure it is safe to do sobefore taking this step.


Flood warnings in effect, hit Dearborn Heights neighborhood hard

While all of southeastern Michigan is under a flood watch until Wednesday evening, some communities are having a harder time than others navigating the rising waters.  Flooding, which often happens along the Ecorse River, and in a Dearborn Heights neighborhood, left several people in need of help.

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