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Case :Change, not overnight, as long as confidence and patience, love mark
Mark the early centers for the elderly , the do not want to eat, the situation is very bad, now the situation has been different, willing to eat. mark when the center first came to the elderly, walking difficulties and can not walk, to rely on the crutches help line. but after a period of training and treatment, it has been able to move freely, he passed advise and arrange suitable activities, he clearly has improved. Now, he is very polite people, friendly attitude. While the first came when the senior centers, bad relationships, bad attitude of people, but also rude, even against his relatives, too. Through persuasion and arrange suitable activities, he clearly has improved. Now, he is very polite people, friendly attitude.

Case :Feel lonely, but had a very full life, the kary
Kary depression nearly 10 years, to stay home for the elderly are often the early insomnia, middle of the night sitting on the terrace, feeling very nervous, skeptical, others very relative term. Speaking of kary years daughter lives at home, are not pleasant memories. In addition to encouraging kary woman to participate in activities in the hospital nursing home, she has a good companion to, like family, general, day and night to meet, it is particularly lead the elderly home she met another residents kay. kay suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, it is like Whispering year, met the love of quiet mother chapter, the two met soon, has been very congenial conversation, I saw them often with morning walk in the garden, feeling gradually established. Smile more, emotion is also relatively stable, she is no longer the most valuable insomnia.

Case :Rehabilitation, not just rely on drugs, care and love, is the most effective treatment for good in the kit.
Kit stroke admitted to hospital after referral to the Care Home residential care homes . Early check-in, right hand weak and unable to function properly. Action can not be flexible as before due to the initial performance of the will of a low, often the hearts of the plight of the complainant. We have not only to comfort him, and to provide the right to their participation in sports, hoping to improve the mobility of his right hand, while arrangements kit for physical therapy and occupational therapy. Activities have now significantly improved over the previous, and his cheerful mood than at first. The kit is requested from time to time to help sweep the floor, shower flowers, both the practice is leisure, fun.

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