Casual Mens Fashion – The Boy Next Door Look

.tags You want to have that wholesome look. You want to be All-American. You want to be the boy next door. How do you get that look? It starts with good health, lots of fresh clean country air, and staying in shape with exercise. If you live in the city you have to imagine the fresh air even as the bus drives away covering you with black exhaust. Even if you live in the city you can still work on your health.

The first place to start is to get a good night’s sleep. Almost everyone is sleep deprived and that makes for puffy eyes with dark circles under them. That is the Goth look and not the boy next door. Go to bed early and get a full eight hours of sleep. The boy next door look is as much about lifestyle choice as it is about clothes. Wake up when the sun rises and go out for a jog to get the juices flowing at the beginning of the day.

Take a cool shower and scrub your skin vigorously to gain that healthy glow. Then eat a healthy but not fattening breakfast of cereal with fruit. Take a daily vitamin and extra supplements that help you stay healthy such as calcium, vitamin D (especially when you don’t get much sunshine) and fish oil capsules for the Omega-3 (good for heart health).

Unless you are naturally buff, you probably need to make visiting the gym 2-3 times per week as part of your routine. Or you can achieve the same results with a back yard workout of sit-ups, jumping jacks, pull-ups, and push-ups. Just imagine a military drill sergeant, in your mind, screaming at you to drop and give him twenty to stay motivated.

Run when you can instead of walking. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Real wholesome g-rated books to cultivate the correct frame of mind, like the Hardy Boys mysteries. Ride a bicycle and it helps if you have a dog named spot or skip and girlfriend with a first name that starts with a “B” like Buffy or Barbie or Bambi.

As far as what you wear, think conservative. For casual wear, jeans and a t-shirt, polo shirt or a plaid shirt goes well with sneakers or loafers. Avoid making any wild statements with the clothes you wear as you are supposed to look “normal.” To dress up go for a nice suit with shirt and tie, or dress slacks with a dress shirt and tie worn with a pullover sweater.

If the weather is nice, just wear jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers and on a non-work day go outside and mow the lawn. Be sure to take off your shirt when you do. What is the point of trying to look like the boy next door if no one ever sees you? If the recently divorced hot cougar that is your neighbor and her daughter back from college on vacation both look out the windows of their home while you are moving the lawn and notice you then you are the boy next door.

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