Celebs Get A New Hobby

.tags Jimmy Page is one of the greatest guitars to ever walk on the planet. A new photographic autobiography of the man is going to be released in the coming month by Genesis Publications. Each book has been individually numbered and will be signed by the man himself.
The book is in a large format which suits a picture book and has 500 pages containing more than 650 photographs and illustrations that have been personally chosen by jimmy Page himself. The book is fine screen printed and heavyweight art paper has been used. The pictures have been varnished that give it a great sheen and make the pictures come alive. To give it a luxe treatment, the book has been hand bounded in morocco leather and laser cut Perspex.
Infact the books binding was designed by the musician himself. The front and back of the cover have two of the favorite portraits of Jimmy Page. It is a collectors item so just 2500 copies will be published. So if you are a Jimmy page fan, then you could get one for yourself for $ 700.
For the entire big Harry Potter fan, this is for sure that they must be having the entire collection of Harry Potter books written by the very talented JK Rowling. But I am going to tell you about another piece of writing from her, which has come up in the market. Paul Fraser Collectibles has got its hands on this horoscope that Rowling had made when she had been a struggling writer living in Edinburgh.
She was friends with of a couple who had a baby whom they christened Jack David Buchanan. So Rowling made a beautiful hand-drawn horoscope for the little Jack. It is a 12 page horoscope that contains beautiful drawings by Rowling. The cover has a fish and a lion drawn on it, representing the cusp of Pisces, the day on which he was born. Some of her predictions for the boy are, perhaps be accident-prone, could be prone to alcoholism, and may well fall in love with someone totally incompatible.
So if you are a rich JK Rowling fan, then you could get this horoscope for around $ 25,000. As for the rest of us, I guess we will have to be satisfied with the Harry potter books only.
A book that has been authored by an Indian cricketer named Sachin Tendulkar, has been released and it would come with drops of blood of that player. Apparently, the pages of the book would be infused with Tendulkars blood and the book would cost $ 75,000 each.
If someone is actually ready to pay that kind of money to get hold of a book that has the blood stains of a mere cricketer, it sure seems like a ravenous ploy to mint money. In third world countries such as India, where there is hardly any entertainment other than political instability, militancy and caste wars, rich but uneducated people might see the book as luxury. Since luxury is relative, some people may actually go ahead and buy this book though you and I may disagree with the very idea of the book. So far, I have no idea what the book is all about.
Perhaps it would tell you the same old cricket statistics about who ran faster, who grabbed more balls (the ones that are used in cricket, UGH) and such other information.
Most of us did not really like Sherlock Holmes stories, especially if you belong to the 90s generation. We had better books, stories and crime fiction to read but many from the other generations always believed Sherlock Holmes to be a staple diet if one liked to read detective and spy novels.
Author Conan Doyle sure made a lot of money and fame thanks to his characters Sherlock Holmes and Watson. In an auction that would feature the rare manuscripts of the world, the first Sherlock Holmes adventure by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be available too.
Titled a Study in Scarlet, only two of the books copies are available and one of the copies also comes with a handwritten note by Conan Doyle. The book is expected to fetch $ 385,700 to $ 617,000. You could also expect to find a big collection of drawings for Punch by Sir John Tenniel estimated at $ 69,440-55,000.

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