Cheap Disney World Packages


You can find so many cheap Disney World packages available that it will be hard to narrow it down to the perfect package for your trip to Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World always seems to offer various packages and discounts. Often, you can find them on the front page. There is a page hidden away in the website that lists all of the packages offered by Disney itself, and if you can find that page, it could save you a lot of money. It’s not very accessible, though, so you’ll have to dig to find it.

You can save a lot of money on a Disney World vacation in other ways, as well.. If you take advantage of value season prices, the Disney Dining Plan, using the free parking pass if staying on property, using the free provided transportation, or by sharing some of the large meals, you can save even more money. You can even save money on souvenirs by shopping at one of the outlet malls before visiting the parks.

Groups such as AAA offer discounts on Disney owned hotels as well as many other hotels nearby. You can book directly through AAA, or directly through the Walt Disney World travel company by mentioning that you’re a AAA member and want the discount.

Disney travel is no exception to the ability of travel agencies to save you money on vacation. There are several travel agencies that only work with Disney World vacation packages, as well as regular travel agencies, and travel agencies that specialize in Walt Disney World vacations. Some agencies will even cancel and rebook your vacation with a newly offered discount so that you don’t over pay or have to deal with the hassle of doing it yourself. Plus, travel agencies can save you money on your plane tickets or with car rentals, saving you even more money on vacation.

There are even some guide books that offer discounts or coupons, and there are several ebooks that are written by former cast members with an eye towards saving the casual traveler money. If you take the time to research a little, you can get access to many cheap Disney World packages.

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