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.tags Elton John has announced the dates of his concerts. In his concert guitarist Davey Johnston, drummer Nigel Olsson and keyboardist Kim Bullad will join him. He knows good music, he has some of the good producers and song writers. It is informed that Elton John will also perform on the event of Rugby world cup. Elton John concert in South Island will be his first concert and performance there in 20 years. Elton John concert has been announced on 24rth February at Maui Arts and Cultural Center. There he will perform his greatest hits live with his band from his five decade career. Rocket Man is fitting a tribute to Elton John.
Elton John AIDS foundation is providing funds to Good Samaritan Project for Prevention efforts. The Elton John Foundation was established by Sir Elton John in 1992 to support AIDS/HIV prevention programs. Elton John said that his partner David Furnish always wanted to adopt a child, I always say no because I am 62 and I think the travelling I do and the life I have, maybe it wouldnt be fair for the child.62 years old singer and his partner David Furnish welcomed their son Zachary Jackson on Christmas day.
He has been taking care of the new born and reportedly hired a staff of 22 including housekeepers and chauffeurs. Elton John and his management staff has started war with the Daily Mail over articles about the staff taking care of his new son, Zachary. In this newspaper an article was published about Elton John and his partner David Furnish that they had increased their staff by more than 50% to take care of his baby and that didnt count nannies. Elton John management team issued a statement to counteract the reports. Get your cheap elton john tickets before they sold out

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