Cheap Holidays In Reykjavik

.tags Reykjavik is a very clean, attractive city. The Icelandic capital is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, which adds to the activities offered to visitors and travelers. You have many options and there is always something you can do – find out about the best attractions and top activities in Reykjavik right here.

Romance is… strolling along wooded pathways in a setting of such stunning natural beauty it takes your breath way. Romance is… sharing a fine dining experience overlooking a twinkling city and a sparkling moonlit bay. Romance is… a luxury day for two in an isolated other-worldly natural thermal spa. Romance is – Reykjavik. Iceland holidays in Reykjavik will inspire and delight you and as it is less than a four hour flight from the UK, it is a great option for a romantic mini-break.

For a city that is so modern and forward thinking in its approach to life, Reykjavik has retained a deep connection with nature. Its exotic location and unique geological characteristics make it an intriguing destination, and a wonderfully original romantic escape. A holiday in Reykjavik is the perfect idea for a cosy weekend (or week!) for two, with a huge range of activities and attractions to keep you entertained.

Whale watching tour
The stunning harbour around Reykjavik is habitat to many varieties of whales including, Humpback and Killer Whales, and the delightful Minke. There are also dolphins and seals to be spotted at certain times of the year in Reykjavik. Iceland holidays with romance in mind, may include a trip on one of the many boat tours operating out of the harbour. It is an exciting experience to see these wonderful gentle creatures in the wild, and even more memorable to share it with someone special.

A Romantic Pearl
You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to romantic restaurants on your holiday in Reykjavik, but there are few that are more picturesque than the lofty revolving restaurant on top of the famous Perlan Building. This incredible alien looking structure is actually built around the five massive thermal water tanks which supply the city’s hot water. The building’s name translates as “The Pearl”, and it truly is a gem. Inside the giant dome atop the tanks, the restaurant offers fine dining and panoramic views over Reykjavik. Holidays to Iceland are invariably about the wonderfully fresh seafood cuisine, and the Pearl will show you the finest.

Blue Lagoon
Treat yourself and your loved one to this invigorating yet relaxing spa experience while on your romantic holiday to Reykjavik. You are picked up from your hotel and whisked to the isolated lava fields outside the city. You can stroll hand in hand through these amazing fields that surround the lagoon and then slip luxuriously into the warm thermal mineral waters of this world renowned spa. As the steam rises slowly from the aqua waters, you will feel your cares and stress ebb away. Relax under a waterfall, or have a private massage and treatment – the lagoon’s unique geo-thermal seawater has wonderful skin restoring properties – and you will leave floating on air.

A Romantic walk in the Ellidaardalur Valley
Close to the city the enchanting Ellidaardalur Valley is the perfect setting for a romantic walk. There are a number of picturesque hiking trails and the wooded areas around them are extremely peaceful and seem a million miles away from the lively city of Reykjavik. Holidays to Iceland show you the unique geography of the country and close to civilization, as in the Ellidaardalur Valley, you can see how the landscape has moulded the inhabitants’ lives rather than the opposite.

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