Chelsea Piers New York


Chelsea Piers, a great place is located along the Hudson River in New York. It is basically consists of four piers, i.e. Piers 59, 60, 61 and 62. All of the four piers are situated in between 17th and 23rd Street. Chelsea Piers has a Sports and Entertainment Complex that covers an area of thirty acres. The building complex was built from four old warehouses that were purchased for $ 120 million. Chelsea Piers covers an area of two hundred thousand square feet.


When Chelsea Pier was established in 1910, it was the harbor for luxurious ships. There are so many legendary ships that visited this place but two of them are worth mentioning, i.e. Mauretania and Lusitania.

In 1980, the state planned to demolish the Chelsea Piers in order to build a highway. However, the suggestion to build a highway was rejected in 1990 instead the Chelsea Piers was granted the permission to build a sport and entertainment facility at the place.

The Complex

Sports Center Health Club

Sports Center health Club is commonly known as New York’s ultimate health club. This center has a 6 lane swimming pool which has a length of 25 yard.

This club also has a 10,000 square foot rock wall and 14,000 square feet of area allocated for strength training.

Sports Center Health Club also has a spa center that offers spa services to visitors. There are eight individual treatment rooms in Sports center. In addition to this, Sports Center also has a lunge and a manicure room.

Golf Club

A golf club is located at Pier 59. This Golf Club has a golf league and an academy as well. One of the best features of this Golf Club is its full swimming simulator technology.

The Sky Rink

Chelsea Piers offers a free of charge ice skating facility called the Sky Rink. With two ice skating rinks, it gives you a beautiful view of the sky. You can also organize parties at the Sky Rink.

The Bluestreak

The Bluesrteak offers variety of recreational facilities. A large variety of fitness equipment is available here such as Fast treadmills, plyometrics and feet skills zone. Feet skills zone is made from artificial ice and covers an area of 1,200 square feet.

Field House

Chelsea Piers also has a Field House with a variety of field sports program for children such as basketball, baseball, gymnastics and soccer. There is also a large area allocated for toddlers in the Field House.

The Lighthouse

A Lighthouse is another great feature at Chelsea Piers which is located at Pier 60. It can accommodate 800 people at a time. You can arrange different occasion here.

300 New York

Bowling center with a name 300 New York is located in between Pier 59 and 60. It has 40 lanes bowling lanes that are made from high quality material.

Maritime Center

Maritime Center is a great place for high class dining cruise. You can dine on the cruise while touring the ocean. It also offers training program to teach visitors how to sail on sea.


There is a studio which is featured in many famous movies like Law and Order.

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