Chicken Coop

.tags Fancy a fresh egg every single morning?

Keep chickens as a fun and interesting hobby and you’d have a fresh supply of eggs in your back garden. Build your own Chicken Coop, pick your birds and enjoy boiled eggs for brekkie every single day of the week.

If you thinking about keeping chickens you’ll want to provide them with a comfortable home and a large Chicken Coop will provide luxury accommodation for between 4 – 8 birds in total. Coops are available to buy through pet supply stores that sell cat baskets and a Dog Bed.

Before you rush out and buy your first Chicken Coop though, there are a number of things that you might want to consider and picking the right birds for your Chicken Coop should be at the top of your list.

Which bird?

The big decision! Which chickens to place in your Chicken Coop? If you are just starting out keeping chickens it could be worthwhile looking for point of lay hens that should start laying fresh eggs as soon as they are settled in the Chicken Coop. Although your average Dog Bed pet shop won’t sell hens, you’ll find good quality suppliers online that stock a great range of breeds.

Some garden centres have started to sell hens as well and here you can get a good idea about various breeds and the size of Chicken Coop that you might require. In general, Sussex light and Rhode Star hens makes great layers, producing a good yield of eggs each year.

Choosing the Chicken Coop

You know the breed of chickens that you are going to buy and now all you need to do is provide them a decent home. When choosing a Chicken Coop you’ll be given plenty of choice, and a good quality Dog Bed pet store should be able to provide you with a spacious residence for your egg-laying lady hens.

Don’t overcrowd your hens; make sure you buy a Chicken Coop that is suitable for the numbers of birds that are in your care. Styles are available that come with raised feet for extra protection and opening roof sections that make the Chicken Coop easy to clean.

Hens are easy to look after, they are friendly and affectionate once they become settled in their Chicken Coop, and they’ll produce the best tasting eggs if they are raised in a loving environment.

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