Chinese are on the Mark Planning for Chinese New Year , Are you Ready



Chinese community is one of the biggest and religious communities of the world. Here with chinese community, numbers of events and festivals are held around the year. Well, started with chinese new year held on 3rd February of 2011 according to chinese new year calendar. This is one of the biggest events of chinese people, celebrated with complete fun and joy. Every year chinese new year brings new resolutions, ideas, plans and lots more to chinese world. During chinese new years, there is complete off from schools, offices and other businesses, people are busy in their celebration while organizing mid night parties, street shows, rocking style parties, family get together, holiday tour packages and many more enjoyable activities are to be done while celebrating chinese new years. Every year chinese new year is dedicated to some animal, now in 2011 chinese new year is dedicated to rabbit, when chinese people used to decorate their indoor / outdoor houses, used to fix decorative antiques and usually follow old traditions in order to make their chinese new year as one of the memorable events around the year.


On chinese new year day, gifts have played a vital role in expressing love and wishes to your relatives and near ones. Greetings cards, dresses, artificial antiques, flowers, decorative items, jewellery and many more items are used to chinese new year gifts Apart from these, people generally invite get together party among relatives, friends and near ones and offer favorite traditional dishes as present. All this involves great love and care for relatives and near ones in chinese community. This community is well known for loving and caring communities of the world. That brings lots of different events and festivals to the world. In chinese new year, decoration is also on the high priority, that involves different flowers and artificial lights but red color is mostly used while decorating house. Red color symbolizes the sign of happiness in chinese religion. During celebration, you will find spring couplet or calligraphy signs called by chun lian posted on the door, usually printed with red color. After red, second color which the Chinese people used to decorate their uses is gold that symbolizes the sign for good fortune. These two colors make a chinese new year full of happiness and good fortune.


During chinese new year 2011, it is a time to enjoy and celebrate with your family. Book your holiday tours as it is only event when you get free time to spend with your family out of busy life hours. There are many awesome destinations that welcome you on the event of chinese new year. Here you will find numbers of romantic activities for couples, games for childrens and family members, beach resort parties, night camps and many more are to be followed during chinese new year. This event is always includes a big parade with different types of celebrating activities. The focal point for this celebration parade is the great dragon night party. The night will follow lots of fun, dance that ends with fireworks.


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