Chinese Herbs For IVF Success – 3 Herbs Which Could Help


If you are wondering about the use of Chinese herbs for IVF success, it is extremely important that you understand from the outset that if you are undergoing, or about to undergo any fertility procedure, you should always consult your doctor before taking anything-and this includes herbal remedies and supplements.

There is a belief by some people that because herbs are natural, that they can be taken alongside other medications but this is just not the case. There is no doubt that certain herbs can be very beneficial in certain circumstances but once you begin taking fertility drugs, you should let your doctor decide which of the Chinese herbs for IVF success are appropriate in your case. When used appropriately, certain Chinese herbs contain phytonutrients and other active substances which can enhance the proper working of your reproductive system.

There are many claims made by herbalists about the use of Chinese herbs for IVF success and you would do no harm to consult a reputable herbalist or Chinese medicine practitioner for advice prior to speaking to your doctor. You would then be able to go forward with a specific plan, rather than asking about the use of herbs in general terms.

3 Chinese Herbs For IVF Success

1. Dong Quai

This is a herb from the celery family which can be used to treat PCOS. It is anti-inflammatory and is believed to help with menstrual cramps and can improve the circulation due to its blood-thinning properties

2. Chasteberry

This herb can help to regulate the functions of the pituitary gland, helping to improve the normal production of various hormones related to reproduction

3. Red Clover

The estrogen-like properties of this herb can be beneficial for fertility. It is thought to be able to treat scarring on the fallopian tubes, irregular menstruation and “unexplained” causes of infertility

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