Chiropractic Community Marketing


Community marketing is one component of a chiropractic marketing approach that is often not implemented even though this approach can be highly effective in terms of building awareness of a practice, establishing a positive image of a practice in the community, and attracting more patients to the practice. 

Following are specific tips and ideas for how to effectively market in the community: 

1. Volunteer for a Non Profit Organization- There is no better way to create a positive image in a community that to actively participate in the efforts of a non profit organization. By being involved in a non-commercial venture, a chiropractor demonstrates that he cares about the well being of a community and for those in it.

2. Speak to Community Groups- As the population in the United States grows older, health will be an increasingly important concern. One excellent way to promote a practice is to give free speeches to community organizations such as the local Chamber of Commerce, religious organizations, and fraternal organizations like the Elks Club. Another opportunity that should not be overlooked is providing inhabitants of senior living quarters with information about chiropractic care.

3. Write Articles in Community Publications- Many small towns and neighborhood areas publish a newspaper for their area. Many of these newspapers have an ongoing need for content since they usually can’t afford a staff of full-time writers. A chiropractor should contact all of these publications in their area and propose writing a weekly column about health care as it relates to chiropractic areas. At the end of each article should be a bio about the chiropractor with contact information.

4. Hold A Community Open House- Announce an open house centered around health care and invite members of the community to your practice to educate them about chiropractic care.

5. Network with Other Medical Professionals- One excellent source of new patients is other doctors such as General Practitioners. A chiropractor should make a concerted effort to seek out and meet with different doctors in the local community. The stated purpose of these meetings is to exchange information about the health services each professional provides so that each can refer their patients to the other where appropriate.

6. Exhibit at Local Events- Often there are local events such as flea markets and fairs within a community where space is offered to merchants and others in the community to promote what they have to offer. A chiropractor should research events where exhibition opportunities exist and plan a yearly calendar of events for exhibiting the practice. 

Community marketing is definitely one low cost aspect of marketing which should be included in the marketing plan for any chiropractic practice. By using various community marketing approaches, a chiropractor can easily increase awareness of his practice in the community and attract more patients to his practice. Overlooking this method of marketing would be a big mistake since community marketing has proven to be a highly effective means of marketing by many chiropractic practices throughout the country.

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