Chiropractic Marketing Video Tips


When chiropractors are starting to get into web 2.0 chiropractic marketing, they typically have a lot of questions about making videos and converting them. Here, I will lay down a blueprint that has worked really well for me in the past couple years so that you can get on the fast-track to success.

Web 2.0 chiropractic marketing shouldn’t be a hassle, like some people initially believe. When you have the right advice and proper hand to guide you, you can brand your practice more successfully than any of the competitors in your area.

Step 1 – Getting right down to business, you need to bring a video camera to your office and make a short video that gives the prospective patient a tour and introduction. It’s important to be as natural as possible and to not sound scripted. Pretend as though you’re speaking to the patient or to a close friend, as this will create warmth and comfort. Simply keep in mind that real people are watching this video, looking for answers, and evaluating whether or not they can trust you.

Step 2 – Now, you need to upload your video to your computer so that you can begin the simple compression of the video file. Windows Movie Maker is how I like to compress my video, as often the file is too big for sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Yahoo, DailyMotion or Viddler.

Step 3 – When your video file is compressed, then you’re ready to begin editing the video itself. If you own a PC, Windows Movie Maker is the editing program of choice. If you have a MAC, you’ll be using the iMovie feature. There should be video tutorials that help you in this process, and the finished video will look professional after you have edited it. This is very important to create credibility and class.

Step 4 – Once the video is edited it’s ready to be presented and shared on sites like YouTube for the maximum amount of viewer potential. There are 60+ video sharing sites that can showcase your video and help to increase the ranking of your material and put your online chiropractic marketing on steroids. Think about getting 5 views per day on YouTube, and then think about getting the same on over 60 other sharing sites as well! Now that’s viral viewing and propagation at its best.

When you start to making these chiropractic marketing videos at least once or twice a week, and add patient testimonials on top of that, then your internet presence will soar in no time. Chiropractic marketing using Web 2.0 is no longer a hidden technique. It’s become essential in 2009, and more doctors are taking notice. The longer you delay, the more you’ll get behind the potential gains that so many other chiropractors are relishing.

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