Choosing A Chow Chow that Fits With Your Family


When considering all the various different dog breeds to have as a family pet, there are some useful and interesting facts a person should know if considering a Chow Chow. By making a well-thought and informed decision about what type of dog will be best suited for your family, you are sure to make the best choice and a pet everyone will enjoy.


A Chow Chow is known to be a strong willed and stubborn dog breed, but with proper training the dog will not have the chance to develop annoying or unpleasant behavior patterns. Training does not have to be an arduous process and large obligation; many owners have reported training a Chow Chow can be great for bonding and even fun. However, training any type of dog breed is not a process that occurs overnight; patience plays an important part. When interacting with a disobedient Chow Chow, it is important to remember training but should remain fun for both of you.


When you look past the small picture, you will realize that training a Chow Chow with dominance is a fruitless endeavor. It is your responsibility as a dog owner to take care of the dog which includes, feeding and grooming, and making sure the animal receives proper exercise. When you show your dog love and affection, you can expect it to be returned tenfold. Wrap your arms around the dog and use a gentle, loving but firm voice and you will be surprised at how much the dog responds with love and loyalty.


Know beforehand that a Chow has a very strong temperament; a dog owner has to be completely comfortable with taking on the challenges and adventures. A Chow Chow will do whatever possible to test an owner’s patience, you must display endurance, and again, patience is a word that cannot be overemphasized enough. You and the dog may have a personality crash from time to time, which is completely normal, but when viewing training think of it as a lesson for the both of you.

Having a dog is a great experience, as you watch it grow from a puppy into an adult; the dog will provide you with many years of companionship and enjoyment. Chow Chows are a challenging breed, but a truly pleasurable dog to have as a pet. Though strong-willed and bullheaded, the dogs have a loving and playful demeanor which owners love.


An owner who has a Chow Chow should always remember, how the dog acts is determined through how the owner acts. The dog is extremely intuitive and will mimic the mood of the owner, whether it is joy, pride or any other emotion. No matter how difficult you might think owning a Chow Chow may be, with faith and time, your dog will show you an endearing side and a heart of gold. With time and love, your Chow Chow can be raised to be the perfect companion and reach his or her full potential in life.

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