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By n_willsey on 2009-11-21 11:11:00
tags When you are looking for a good plasterer in London the choices are vast with thousands of companies and hundreds of one man band plasterers and plastering companies to choose from.

The first thing to do is to ask friends and family members if they have any idea of a good plasterer or if they have just had a new bathroom or kitchen fitted. With nearly all refurbishments a plasterer is needed to come in and smooth over any unfinished surfaces.

It may also help to ask any neighbours if they have any plastering companies in mind that they can recommend. Also a lot of companies will be advertising in the local paper for work. If you have internet access you could always search online to see who and what is available.

When looking o-nline the easiest way is to use a search engine to see what you can find. Their are hundreds of search engines but the main ones are google, Yahoo! and Bing. In the UK Google calculates a staggering ninety percent of all searches and are by far the best in terms of results that it produces for the end user.

Search engines are free and rely on advertising to keep them afloat so are great for the end user, we all like things for free. With the emergence of smart phones like the iphone it is possible to search on-line through your handset.

The internet also hosts a wide range of business directories that will also have a lot of companies listed so will be another god place to look.

When searching Google a lot of times google places will be incorporated into the listings and are a real handy tool for users and advertisers. One key feature is the feedback or review part of the site. You can look through any positive or negative feedback provided for the company. This can however lead to negative feedback from unscrupulous business owners trying to write negative reviews about a rival company.

If a company has a website then make sure you have a good look at the companies website before hiring them. Any decent plastering company will have a page where they can showcase some of the work they have undertaken. Keep an eye out for any spelling or grammar mistakes on the website. A companies website says a lot about their professionalism and any spelling or grammar errors would indicate a lack of attention to detail.

Make sure that the company also offer a free no obligation quote service

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