Choosing an American refrigerator


The refrigerator is considered to be one of those home appliances which we cannot do without and the American-style refrigerators have become increasingly popular in the last few years, thanks to their size, additional features and style. These refrigerators have two doors side by side, one for the upright freezer and one for the fridge, making them practical for those looking to store a large amount of food in a fairly small space. They have become a must-have in many flats and houses, particularly for families with children who get through a lot of food!

A lot of people prefer this style of fridge freezer to the separate units as they generally offer a bigger capacity but it is worth bearing in mind that they are not built to fit under your worktops and you will therefore need floor to ceiling wall space in or near your kitchen if you are to house one successfully.

Capacity and size: A larger capacity means a larger refrigerator. You need to think about your household requirement of food and also the space that is available to you in the kitchen. To be sure, measure the space in kitchen and ensure that you add at least 2 cm on both sides, back and top as clearance. The American refrigerators have a tendency to be wider than the conventional ones, so in case you are replacing the old refrigerator with an American one, make sure that there is enough room for the replacement machine.

The American refrigerators mostly have a bigger capacity and therefore store more food; they also incorporate a lot of useful storage features, including door panels that are designed to store cartoons, jars and bottles, salad draws to keep vegetables crisp and fresh and space for bottles – these compartments allow for a more efficient use of the extra space and of the space in the main compartment. The space is split differently in different models. So take into account the family grocery needs and pick the suitable model for you.

Energy efficiency: Because of their size, American refrigerators tend to consume more energy which makes their running cost higher, having said that the newer models are much more energy efficient and are equipped with precise temperature controls and quality insulation mechanisms and will be rated from A+. You may want to consider protecting your environment by selecting a refrigerator that makes use of cooling agents that are eco friendly and by choosing one with grade A or above.

Features: The American refrigerators boast many features so you need to decide in advance which features will be more useful to you and your family. The common features found in American refrigerators are water filters, water dispensers, fast freeze, frost free, adjustable shelves, and antibacterial protection and ice makers. In costly models you might sometimes find advanced features which let you have the chance to customise the temperature for each section of the refrigerator. Finally, don’t forget to choose a fridge which fits with your existing kitchen and decor.

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