Chronic Yeast Infections


Chronic yeast infections can ruin your quality of life. Just imagine thinking that you finally have gotten rid of your yeast infection, only to have it reoccur shortly thereafter. Having a chronic yeast infection not only affects your life, but it affects those around you. Just think about how much fun you are to be around when you are itching, burning and in pain from the side-effects of this condition. It doesn’t matter if you have a persistent oral, vaginal or penile candida infection – none is any better than the other – they are all difficult to cope with. This article will describe why these infections might be reoccurring and what you can do to get rid of them once and for all.

First of all, what have you been doing to get rid of your chronic yeast infections? Most people begin treatments with topical treatments that are prescribed by your doctor, nurse or nurse practitioner. This includes creams, lotions and pessaries. Does this only provide temporary relief from your discomfort? “Congratulation” – then you are just one of millions of people who don’t respond to traditional methods (that do in fact work for many people).

If traditional treatments for chronic yeast infections don’t work for you, perhaps it is time to try some natural home remedies. A couple of things that you could do right away is to change your diet and eliminate foods that contain sugar – any sugar. If you must have sugar, switch to a sugar substitute. Yeast and sugar are a toxic combination in the body. If your body does not effectively convert sugar to energy (you don’t need to be a diabetic to have this problem), then your blood contains excessive blood glucose levels – a breeding ground for yeast to multiply and thrive (and wreak havoc in your body).

Another thing that you can do is to stop wearing tight fitting clothing in your lower body – particularly your undergarments. Also – make sure that the clothing closest to you (your underwear) is 100% natural – preferably unbleached as synthetic, colored materials can cause irritation to your genital area. Other natural remedies for a chronic yeast infection include yogurt as well as tea tree oil.

So – before you pull out all of your hair trying to cure your candida infection, seek out alternative natural remedies that have proven to work for many others who have also suffered just like you.

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