City Of Guangxi Medicine: Megan Kong Chinese Herbal Medicines Such As Five Kinds Of Real Estate

.tags Megan Guangxi Kong real estate, lotus leaf, ebony, grass jelly, grass, corn silk, 1 to 6 months or hot varieties, but into the 7 August sales potential after the rapid slowdown in price falls, recorded a decrease of 32 % or more. Megan is also called point scale

Kong root, Star wood. Ilex Holly plants dried plum root. Clearing and detoxifying, the functions of thirst. Clinically for the treatment of Cold , Acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis, oral erosion, prevention Heat stroke And so on, is the main raw material production Jieshu herbal tea. Q1 2008 Post Megan selling price of 2.3 to 2.5 yuan (kg price, the same below), enter the 4 July, the price rose to 3.2 to 3.5 yuan, an increase of 39.1% ~ 40%. To the large number of new goods into the market in August than the same period last year increased by approximately 3 to 4 percent, the price fell back significantly, the current selling price of 2 ~ 2.3 yuan, down 34.3% to 37.5%.

Ebony called Plum. Rosaceae nearly ripe plum fruit. With the convergence of lung, intestine Shibuya, Sheng Jin, An roundworm function. Cough clinic for lung deficiency, Jiulihuachang and Hot Diabetes, roundworm Jue vomiting abdominal pain, biliary ascariasis, etc.. 1 June 2008, ebony market, selling goods in Guangxi, in January selling price is 14.5 to 15 yuan, to June 20 would rise to 21 yuan, an increase of up to 37.9% to 40%, but after entering in July sales potential will be started to slow down, to keep prices fell back in August. The current selling price of 13.5 ~ 14 yuan, down 32.5% to 33.3%. The reason, one widely Prune fruit harvest, fruit sales are sluggish, prices, and most of the fresh fruit is processed into a dark plum, reflecting business: production in Guangxi this year than ebony market increase of about 3 percent a year over the same period. Second, the main producing areas of Sichuan in August than the same period last year to increase the volume of about 25%.

Grass jelly, also known as grass jelly, grass jelly Labiatae plants dried whole plant, with clear away summer heat, cooling blood diuretic function. Folk used to heat stroke, dysentery, Hypertension , Joint pain, Diabetes And so on. 2008, a quarter of the price more stable for 8 to 9 dollars, 4 to 7 months, sales increased, the price increased to 11 to 13 yuan, an increase of 37.5% ~ 44.4%. Entered in August, the new goods market than the previous year increased by 35% or more, supply exceeds demand, sales momentum slowed, the price back down to 7 to 8 yuan, down from 36.4% to 38.5%.

Corn grasses dry style corn. A diuretic, Xiere, Calming the Liver, gallbladder, lower blood sugar function. For nephritis clinical edema, jaundice Hepatitis , Hypertension, cholecystitis, gallstones, diabetes and so on. 1 May 2008, selling price 1.5 to 1.6 yuan, 6 July sales increase, prices increased significantly from 2.5 to 3 yuan, an increase of up to 66.7% ~ 87.5. Into the August surge in corn to the market of new goods, an increase of about 3 percent over the same period the previous year or so, Shangwang A rapid slowdown in sales, prices fell back to 1.8 to 2 yuan, down 33.3% to 36%, and still continue to downward trend.

Lotus leaf, also known as lotus, water lily plant dry lotus leaf. With the help stomach or in the air, heat, stasis to stop bleeding function. Clinical use Nvxue, female blood, thirst, irritability, edema, blood swelling abdominal pain, blood Li collapse middle. 2008, a quarter of Guangxi market trend in favor of lotus leaves in a low-priced sales, selling price 2.5 to 3 yuan. After entering in April sales increase, a shortage, to the selling price in July rose to 5 to 5.5 yuan, an increase of up to 83.3% to 100%. New goods into the August surge in the market, supply exceeds demand, potential sales nosedive, the price drop in the current selling price for the 2.2 to 2.8 yuan, down 49.1% to 56%.

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