Civil Partnership Ceremonies “?” What To Expect

{flickr|100|campaign} While you and your partner may have decided to make the big leap into committing your lives together in all legal manners you may have a few questions about what can be expected at civil partnership ceremonies. What should you wear? What will be said? Can you invite guests? The following quick guide will help you to understand what you and your partner can expect from your very own civil partnership ceremony!

Private Or More Elaborate Ceremonies
For couples who wish to keep their civil partnership ceremonies private they can opt for signing the partnership register in front of a registrar and two witnesses; however, for those who may prefer to opt for a much more involved occasion, friends and family members can be invited so that they can witness one of the happiest days of your life!
Before you make the determination of the size of your ceremony you should be sure that you take the time to find out what restrictions, if any, that your town hall holds in place!

What To Wear
Remember that civil partnership ceremonies are all about you and your partner; dress in something that appeals to your personal sense of style whether that may be dressing up in elegantly tailors suits or wearing something as casual as comfortable jeans and a button up shirt! Comfort is key on this, your special day!

The Ceremony Itself
You will be able to custom-tailor your ceremony to match your personal preferences; you can include quotes, poetry, and even music that speak to your hearts. The only major restriction is that you cannot include any religious content within your ceremony.

Consider holding a separate celebration with your friends and family that will allow you to receive the religious blessing that you may want! For more information on civil partnership visit!

You will be offered the opportunity to recite a pledge of your love and your commitment to your partner; this is your chance to define all of the many reasons that you so strongly believe that your civil partnership will allow you and your partner to be much more emotionally connected!

Whats In A Name
Whether you and your partner change your surnames is entirely up to you; decide if this is the best option for either of you and make your decision before your ceremony!

Civil partnership ceremonies can be as romantic or as formal as you like; remember this is your special day and it is all about you!

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