Colon Cleanse – Who Needs Colon Cleansing?


The colon is one of the most important organs in the body. The colon is part of the body’s large intestine which serves a variety of purposes such as reabsorbing water, storing waste, and facilitating water and electrolyte balance.

The easiest way to tell the healthiness of an individual’s colon is to see if he has at least one normal bowel movement a day. To go into detail, “normal” or healthy bowels should be 8-12 inches in length, and 2.5 inches in width. They should also take a solid form and must possess a brownish color (although light green is not bad as well). Whether one’s bowel sinks or float is not important as this is dependent on one’s diet; what must be given more attention is the fact that normal bowel movements should not be accompanied by any painful or straining efforts.

The Need for Colon Cleanse

After establishing the basics, it is now time to explain the need for a colon cleanse.

The reason why most people require this type of procedure is because of one thing: toxins. Toxins are one of the biggest causes of unhealthy toxins among people. Because of the presence of toxins in the colon it becomes clogged, which in turn results to constipation. Poor living conditions, bad lifestyle choices, and an unhealthy diet are usually the main instigators of toxin-filled colons.

Take for instance a typical American diet. Americans usually take in too much protein in their diets. Although protein is definitely needed by the body to function effectively, an excess of this nutrient may actually affect the colon in a negative way. Too much protein depletes necessary electrolytes and minerals from the body which leads to the colon’s inability to combat toxins and other harmful bacteria.

Among other things, the fact that people are constantly subjected to environments that are polluted (harmful chemicals, vehicle exhausts, secondary smoke, etc.) also contribute to the body’s increased levels of toxins. This requires the immune system to work extra hard which causes it to deteriorate at a much quicker rate. A compromised immune system usually equates to a weakened colon.

Who Needs Colon Cleansing?

Each person in the world could benefit from the positive effects of a successful colon cleanse. This procedure helps the body rid itself of most of the harmful toxins present in order to have a healthier colon. The reason why folks regularly clean their cars, furniture or toilets is because of the need to get rid of the unnecessary junk that it has accumulated over time. The same concept is applicable for the body-unnecessary junk in the form of toxins prevents the body from functioning fully and in the most effective way possible.

Through a proper colon cleanse procedure, the clogs that prevent the body from absorbing essential nutrient are eradicated. This is especially true for the elderly (who have been exposed to toxins for extended period in their lives) and to those doing detoxification as it is always best to start with the bowel when aiming to cleanse other organs of the body.

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