Come Alive Through Belly Dancing


From its ancient origins lost in the annals of time Belly Dancing continues to be as popular as ever, not just because of the alluring sensuous moves of the dancers, but also for the numerous health benefits it affords. For some people this is viewed as the ultimate in get fit exercises suitable for men and women of any age, shapes, sizes because it is much more of a fun, relaxing and pleasurable method of living a healthy life style.

Giving You a Body to Die For

The smooth undulating rhythmic pulsating routines of the belly dance putting an emphasis on the natural motions of the body make it a much softer type of exercise when compared to some other exercise routines allowing you to melt away anything up to 300 calories an hour, that when they are mixed along with a healthy diet regime will provide an excellent fulfilling, sustainable strategy of losing weight.

Moreover these same movements also serve to enhance and also tone the muscles running from the neck downwards to your abdominal and pelvic regions of your body making the body a lot suppler. It’s no accident that particular dance routines used by belly dancers have also been utilized as prenatal activities in preparation for childbirth.

As one ages, these health benefits associated with frequent belly dancing can often help protect against or lessen aching joints and possible spinal problems brought on because of the natural weakening of the muscles so reducing the strain on the discs which can result in the abnormal curving of the spine. This is often far more prevalent in individuals who generally lead a more sedentary way of life.

Enhancing Ones Spiritual and Mental Health

These same smooth gentle motions of the body whilst belly dancing assist you to greatly reduce anxiety and stress, calming ones mind creating what can only be described as being a meditative state brought on as a result of the increasing blood flow through the body.

As you get even more adept at belly dancing, as your body becomes ever suppler and your movements become evermore graceful and sensual because of the way in which you are able to discover the differing movements of your body the end result is an ever greater feeling of confidence and freedom.

This freedom, this sensation associated with increased sensuality and well-being is even further emphasized with the wearing of seductive belly dance accessories such as harem pants, hip scarves, belly dance zills, necklaces adorned with gold or silver plated coins, coin belts or bras, bangles, canes, Isis wings and Egyptian fringing which will show off the body’s figure and enhance the sensual, erotic movements of the dance.

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