Coming Out of Boredom


Boredom is not a state of mind; it’s what you create of your life.

Just take 2 mins from your life and jot down 10 things that first come to your mind, things that you are fascinated with, always wanted to do, wanted to learn, wanted to try. Like if I would make a list it would look something like this. Learning guitar, going hiking, sky diving, learning more yoga, helping out my folks more etc. Maybe you can’t do some things immediately but working towards them is also a great feeling.

If you can’t think of anything remotely possible like this then start thinking about the work you had to finish, now I am sure you must be saying in head… If I had work why would I be bored!

Point is we often procrastinate things which could be done right away like when was the last time you balanced your check book, cleaned that messy cupboard, buy that new table you always wanted, or just clean that dirty car? Agreed that its not as appealing as the first option, but still it keeps you busy and at the end of day you have some feeling of constructive achievement even if it is the tiny one and voila .. you dint have time to think about boredom.

Read! Read about the things, don’t care whatever it is. Like I would read about mysterious things say the pyramids, 7 wonders, and supernatural stuff. Just search online and hit it. Know more about superman if you have to. And guess who would be the intelligent one when the topic of Super heroes comes up next time in discussion!

There are a lot of people in need of help of some sort or other. Help your parents, your neighbors, your siblings. Volunteer for a cause. Being there for somebody else if one of the best feelings you’ll ever go through.

I have quoted many ideas… but I know a lot of people face boredom because they are simply lethargic or they have never been energetic in life to do things or take action. This is a place only you can help yourself. Try imagining yourself when you are 70. Would you want to remember your life as sitting on the couch and surfing channels or Google about articles of ‘How to come out of boredom?’

Remember to create a life which your grand kids would be excited to hear about.

Create, not state.

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