Common Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid


Most businesses commit mistakes when it comes to campaign strategies for the simple reason that there is no one fool proof formula to developing advertising strategies. Most of the strategies have been developed through trial and error and most have been tested through many years of business experience.

For instance, printing brochures is not like what it was two decades ago. However, the techniques have been refined to fit current trends.

Marketing is the key to having a successful business. No business would ever survive without a good marketing strategy. However, there are common mistakes that business commit. Learn about them and be sure to avoid them in future undertakings.

A. Do not be just one among many

Often this mistake is committed by businesses, which are just contented with their customer base. These businesses are what you might call ‘fence sitters’ for they do not explore other means to become different from their competitors. If their business is thriving with their existing customer base, they do not find it necessary to invest in marketing strategies to attract more.

Well, put it this way, these types of businesses should be measured against the profit they do not earn because of their failure to attract more clients. The tip here is to aspire to be different. For instance, your print brochure should highlight your business’ characteristics that is uniquely your own. Customers would be interested in you if you are not just one among the many products or services.

B. Do not forget to simplify business processes

As a customer, how many times have you left a particular company or office just because of cumbersome procedures? I have and I have done it a lot of times. I often walk away if the services are appalling. I often shift to another provider if a particular company’s procedure for ordering would inconvenience me.

There is so much competition out there today that you would not have second thoughts about leaving or getting another one. That is the beauty of it all. However, for companies, they should watch out for this pitfall. Cumbersome procedures equal client loss. The trick here is to simplify. Be it in your printing brochures, procedures, etc. always make it a point to make it easier for your customers to do business with you.

C. Do not neglect to explain why your prices are lower

Customers have doubts when your prices are lower than most competition. Often, they would think that they are buying something sub-standard. I mean, they would ask themselves why you are selling at a lower cost than most of your competitors. If a business fails to answer this question, customers become suspicious. If they had only been given an explanation through various means of communication such as your print brochure, they are more likely to trust. Always remember that trust is the key to making a lasting business partnership with clients or customers when printing brochures.

There are more not to do’s but these are the most common mistakes that business make. Apply the lessons from these to avoid the common marketing pitfalls.

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