Common Risks of Vasectomy

Common Risks of Vasectomy

Dr. Monteith explains common risks of vasectomy. Gentle Touch Vasectomy is the safest and most effective vasectomy procedure. The risks of vasectomy are the lowest with minimally invasive, Gentle Touch Vasectomy.

There are several risks of vasectomy:
• Regret
• Bleeding
• Infection
• Painful nodule

Regret may be the most common risk of vasectomy. Some studies suggest 1 to 2% of men (or about 2 out of 100) may regret their vasectomy procedure.

Understanding the risk of regret starts with acknowledging… none of us can predict the future… you could simply change your mind and want more children, you could become divorced, or your partner or child could die. No one plans or predicts these events. If you regret your vasectomy then you will consider vasectomy reversal.
Vasectomy should be considered permanent…but that does not mean that vasectomy is permanent. Vasectomy can be reversed but no one should ever get a vasectomy with the intent of reversing it in the future.

Bleeding enough to be classified as a complication is termed a hematoma, or internal blood clot. This is bleeding of an amount large enough to form a noticeable blood clot inside the scrotum. Usually this will occur within the first 48 hours of the vasectomy. In most cases the blood clot will be about the size of a golf ball and persists for several weeks. This complication can be uncomfortable but most hematomas will be slowly absorbed, no treatment is required, and they will not cause any long-term complications.

Most men will not have a bleeding complication and if they do have this complication most men will not need any additional medical intervention.

Infection is very uncommon with minimally invasive vasectomy.

A painful nodule can develop at the vasectomy site in 1 out of 200 men. Medications may help but if the nodule is not responsive to medications then a second office procedure to remove the nodule may be required.

This is the fifth vasectomy video in Dr. Monteith’s 9 part educational vasectomy video series. The sixth vasectomy video will discuss the two complications that often cause the most concern among men considering vasectomy: failure and pain

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