Companies Utilizing Social Media Marketing


A lot of companies misuse or leave their social media efforts unattended. That is to say, they neglect one of the most important and influential tools for leveraging brand marketing, customer engagement, and advertisement out there. You see companies just slap a few links to their un-used twitter accounts or create a facebook fan page that puts out no content. It’s ridiculous to think that companies aren’t utilizing these incredibly useful tools when there is so much possibility out there.

I know first hand what can happen when these tools are successfully utilized. I’ve managed several blogs, a webcomic, twitter account, and even a facebook fanpage- and I’ve had first row seats to other people’s comics and blogs and facebook fanpages and twitter accounts growth. On each platform and each site that you work with these tools you can develop, very easily, a following. Get those platforms connected and you get a lot of cross follows. Soon you have a self-perpetuating dynamic of follows and fans and likes. All this was done in whatever free-time I had. I’m not a big company. I don’t have anything to offer except a few silly drawings or short, terribly executed animations- a joke here or there. Nothing. And yet I amassed a large amount of followers, traffic, and likes.

They aren’t all bad though. I notice quite a few companies doing it right. For instance, Best Buy’s Twelp force is an incredibly good example of utilizing social media to market themselves. Actually I should say unmarket as they don’t try to sell anything through Twelp Force. They just help out their customers. I’ve noticed various sites and companies like (good-old-games) market themselves by doing giveaways and exclusive updates through their facebook fanpage, where they have a plethora of followers and likes.

I understand that it’s difficult to broach the subject of social media. I realize that sometimes what your company has to offer isn’t always the easiest to market to the average consumer. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to put in the time to test these tools and maintain an online identity.

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