Could Nature Have the Cure For Hair Loss?


For decades now both men and women have been looking and praying for a cure for hair loss. Of course there have been some treatments over the years such as transplants and medication, but they have not always been viable options. For instance the cost of surgery is out of reach for a lot of people, and for those that can afford it maybe do not want to experience the pain that goes with it. With medication, while it is an answer, it is also medication and a lot of people do not want to be taking drugs, plus some of the known side effects are that it can effect a mans libido. So what could natures cure for hair loss be?

First of all we have to understand there are different reasons for losing hair. For instance having a poor diet or being under a lot of stress can cause hair loss, but more often than not these conditions are temporary. However the biggest cause of hair loss is hereditary. How this occurs is when free testosterone in the body combines with the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. It creates a hormone called DHT. Note DHT by itself does not cause hair loss as if it did everyone in the world would be bald, but for those that have inherited the gene it means their scalp is sensitive to DHT and allows it to attach to the follicle. Once it is attached it thins the follicle out until there is no more hair produced. So we need things that are going to target these areas and there are vitamins minerals and herbs that do just that.

First off we have the herbs saw palmetto and nettle. Saw palmetto is a good herb for men to take as it can help with a lot of things including the prostate, but in the battle against hair loss it helps keep DHT levels down by inhibiting the production of 5 alpha reductase. Nettle on the other hand helps to mop up free testosterone in the body and when you combine these two together they are really effective.

There are also a couple of minerals you should take to strengthen your cells and also help reduce DHT levels. The first is zinc which is not only important for a healthily functioning immune system but this also helps reduce levels of 5 alpha reductase. Magnesium whilst it does not specifically target anything, is important towards healthy growing hair as it helps maintain muscle, nerves and bones and most people do not have enough of this in their diet now because of the way food is produced.

Finally there are two vitamins that you need to have which promote hair growth and they are Vitamin B6 and Biotin (Vitamin H). B6 is recommended because this helps metabolize protein which is the building blocks of your cells and it also gets more oxygen into your blood cells, and it is important to get oxygen to the scalp. Biotin is very important as this vitamin is essential for healthy growing hair.

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