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.tags Into the late-night celebration of a fantastic journey of joy, the latest count Limelight jewelry and watches series, take you to explore the planet’s most sparkling two beautiful city: Paris and New York.

Paris and New York: two cities, two kinds of feelings, an idea.
These two landmark urban style, representing the most prominent building marked with clear identification of qualities and a strong urban style appearance. The two are also the fashion capital of the city with a high degree of style recognition, and have irresistible flavor and perfect will of female charm. Count of Paris and New York creative team brings a wealth of creative imagination, ignite their creative inspiration and Technology Master Spark, then the use of sophisticated watchmaking and jewelry techniques, creating a stunning new Limelight series.

Paris: sparkle flowers Paris is the city of lovers favorite, the count to the Eiffel Tower and Concorde Square, the landmark Ferris wheel as the inspiration for two, carved out of the Paris magical beauty.

Eiffel Tower in Paris since 1889 and is a symbol of the city’s behalf, this slender dazzling historical monuments, as the count to diamond encrusted watch and jewelry source of inspiration. Flora Eiffel Tower Necklace Beautiful breasted women in the former, like the elegant lines of the world’s most beautiful tower, ornate building also reflected in the diamond line bracelet watch design.

In addition, interesting and fascinating rotating Ferris wheel to change the design of more different. Activities of the mysterious watch-like flowers and jewelry in Paris, many hearts filled with diamonds remain in the rotation wheel, like the famous Ferris wheel in Paris shiny little car.

Paris: Fashion Capital To the unique sensibility of female couture inspired style, count boldly to create a “sexy” style, to create a like sexy Shu Yi (corset) on embroidered lace straps as full of rich sensory imagery. Paris fashion wild night ruby and pink sapphire from the ribbon inlaid design appearance Necklace , Casually drape from the collar to the neck revealed quietly sexy. Grace sexy in this concept, the idea to create the count stunning bracelet watch, bracelet table while the count is the most symbolic brand of watches with the historic design. The other style Zeyi close Xiang made diamonds, bracelets light wrist watch style casual, with gorgeous bow echo shape design, together with the square cut diamonds, and also prepared a colorful quality silk ribbons to choose from.

New York: Construction of the both
Count two selected representatives of the American Dream: New York’s Crisler Building and Statue of Liberty, as the latest jewelry watches series Limelight source of inspiration.

Gorgeous jewelry line to Crisler Building, Art Deco-style roof for the design elements to create a necklace and earring line works is simple but can not resist the charm of the geometric lines. Crystal Chandelier-like style set with diamonds and sapphires vividly depicts the legendary top of the building skyline, is like the night sky as the lights shine bright colorful stars.

Either as pendants, earrings, or dial on the shape, its design elements from the Statue of Liberty’s seven top light crown, symbolizing the seven seas on Earth. 1886 Statue of Liberty a gift from France to commemorate the anniversary of the United States as an independent gift, designed by the French sculptor Bartholdi, Paris, Eiffel Tower and the metal lines of the same world-renowned architecture. New York fashion watch with diamond case closely Xiang, precious stones in the case on the jump, like a passionate night with New York.

New York: fashion capital
Free imaginative play count will bow with the ribbon of the image, designed with a “couture” style of the great elements of black tourmaline and diamond inlaid decoration stunning style. Corresponds to the typical New York night black and white tone, in the watch and jewelry works fine on the unique design of the bow, showing a grace unmatched elegance. Fashion style, while impeccable performance of “mysterious” watch on the black satin bow with diamond design, diamond gently close Xiang table covered in hiding since the passage of time in the case.

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