Create Your Own Greek Legends

.tags There are hardly any destinations in the world that offers so much history and culture as Greece. It simply breathes mythology with stories about gods and warriors connected to every resort within the stunning country. The diverse history of the country has definitely left its mark on almost all aspects of Greek culture. From food to entertainment there is a wonderful blend of flavours with influences from all around the world.

Athens is the vibrant capital of Greece and also one of the most exciting Greek holiday destinations. The world famous Acropolis is situated in Athens, the city also offers monuments and ruins such as the majestic Parthenon. Visitors can wander around the ancient villages that are nestled at the bottom of a large hill. Tourists should definitely remember to bring their camera, the fantastic array of images and traditional features that are on offer are simply too good to miss. Athens also has a picturesque harbor, where tourists can have a snack whilst observing the yachts sailing into the bay.

The Greek mainland has a wide range of fantastic resorts however the surrounding Greek islands also attract their fair share of holidaymakers each year. Every island offers a unique holiday experience, from vibrant clubbing resorts to secluded resorts ideal for those planning a honeymoon.

Crete is one of the most desirable islands, the capital Heraklion boasts a wide range of buildings and monuments of archaeological importance, perfect for anyone wanting to discover the history of ancient Greece. Crete is also home to the palace of Knossos, a name familiar to anyone who has ever read the story of Theseus and the Minotaur!

The Greek islands have a rich and varied cultural history; Corfu and Rhodes are two of the most popular islands to visit if you wish to learn more about the modern side of the country. Both islands offer visitors a wide variety of restaurants and bars serving authentic Greek cuisine along with a glass of authentic Greek Ouzo! Corfu has the infamous resort of Kavos, a young traveller’s dream with a wide variety of night clubs that stay open until the sun comes up. Not to be beaten, Rhodes offers the exciting resort of Faliraki, a destination popular with the 18-30 crowds.

Whatever you need from your holiday you need look no further than Greece. Travel to the ancient history of organized pub crawls, your perfect way to explore your resort.

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