Cucumber juice a natural remedy for Acne


The universal truth about the use of natural products as a remedy for simple and common ailments still ensues. To talk about this truth and support it I will be showcasing the use of such natural products in treating and remedying acne, a common skin problem. Yes, acne treatment is naturally possible but if you know how to do it with natural products. I am regarding this to Cucumber juice, which is an effective way to prevent your pimples.

Well known is the fact that Cucumbers contain a very good quantity of vitamin A and C that helps your skin to flourish. While less known is the fact that it helps to reduce acne problems for the reason that it is high in silicon and sulfur. Another advantage is that it is a diuretic and therefore it helps flow more and more water through the kidneys to clean out your blood. Cucumbers being water prone vegetables are hydrating and nourishing for your skin. More over having the same pH level as that of the skin; it thus restores the skin’s protection and armory.

Constantly having the intake of cucumber will cool down your body system and sooth it. Having a cool body system will reduce the risks of getting acne and other pimples as well.As it is just discussed that the cucumber juice is a natural way to calm and cool your skin. To tell you something I would like to mention that people in the Middle East and Central Asia are known for drinking this natural, watery, yet nutrient-filled drink so have generally a good skin. This is known to be great for the skin, and you can even use it to treat acne.

How to make a cucumber juice at home? Not to worry, as making up a cucumber juice is so easy that it is just a six step process and you have this remedy in your hands. Start your way with doing these: 1. When you go out for shopping the next time, hunt for the dark green cucumbers in the store. Those which have a bumpy surface are the Good cucumbers and are what you are on the lookout for. Choose cucumbers that are about 10 to 20 centimeters long.

2. Keep in mind one thing that most Cucumbers in the grocery are usually waxed and treated with chemicals. So there is no choice but to get them peeled off. Or otherwise, choose the organic cucumbers. 3. Then take the following things, a peeler, a sharp knife and a pitcher or a flask. Take off the skin with the peeler. Go for slicing them up with the sharp knife in thin slices. Put the sliced cucumbers in the pitcher or flask. 4. Fill the flask with water, at either the room temperature or the ice to cool it down with. 5. Next you allow the cucumbers to soak in the water for about an hour. The nutrients, such as vitamin A, potassium and chlorophyll will fill the water.

6. Filter the cucumbers from the water, and you have your juice. Take this juice you just prepared. Go for a drink, have four or five cups of cucumber juice daily for a week. It is believed to purify the blood and lymphatic system, resulting in a clearer skin.

Or you can also wash your face in this juice, as it is really a great cleansing agent to go along with your usual cleanse if you do have any. Leave it for about 15 minutes or so before washing it off your face. It is better you continue doing this for several days or even weeks until the appearance of acne is finally minimized from your face.Whatever you do with it, drink or apply on your skin, it will still have a dual effect of helping your acne.

You can also try to modify it as mixture form will add to the benefits of this juicy remedy. * Use lemon juice with cucumber along with a few drops of rose water to massage your skin. * For an effective deep cleansing, add milk into your cucumber juice. * To make and use it as a toner for your skin mix this cucumber juice with honey and use the mixture regularly. Keep good care of your skin as it is the skin that reflects your personality than any other thing. It is in your hands to keep your skin

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