Cure Infant Thrush


Causes of Infant Thrush

In layman’s terms, Oral Thrush in Infants is caused when the immune system and the healthy bacteria in a baby’s mouth fail to control the amount of yeast in a baby’s body. Overgrowth of yeast occurs in the mouth of the baby which is then commonly referred to as Thrush.  Infant Thrush may also be transferred from mother to child during birth should the mother suffer from vaginal thrush. In this day age that we find ourselves in, antibiotics are easily prescribed by doctors but it is also a contributing factor in the growth of Candida Albicans the biological name for the yeast overgrowth.

Symptoms of Infant Thrush

Thrush in itself is looking like cottage cheese on the inside of a baby’s mouth but cannot be wiped away. The corners of the baby’s mouth may be cracked and if it is scratched off it might start to bleed or look inflammatory. Your Child might be reluctant to feed or it will try to feed but then stop only to repeat the process again. This is simply because the mouth of your baby is sore. Now picture this scenario, your baby are only 8 weeks old, there are regular diaper changes and feedings that takes place. Add to this scenario the possibility of your child having Thrush and it suddenly seems not such a good prospect anymore.

Conventional Medicine 

Well, what can be so difficult? Let’s go to the doctor and get medicine to attend to this problem once and for all, it cannot be that difficult? Right? Maybe not! If Thrush is not treated in the proper way and manner it will most probably always return. The approach to cure Thrush must be in a holistic manner. Mother and child needs to be treated in order to achieve proper results otherwise Thrush will just return at a later stage. Now, the possible side effects of conventional medicine do not sound very nice.

Nystatin – Diarrhea, bloating, nausea.

Diflucan – Nausea, stomach pain, low fever, loss of appetite.

Collidial Silver – Kidney damage, stomach distress, headaches, fatigue.

Tea Tree Oil – Ingestion, depression and can cause ulcers of the mouth and throat.

Above mentioned products are but just a few that is available and only a few of the side effects are listed. Do you really want to add to the discomfort of your baby in administering this medicine if those are the possible side effects?

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