Cure My Sciatica


Are you suffering from severe sciatica? Are you looking for cures for sciatica? Do you know what causes sciatica? After years of suffering from severe lower back pain that would run down my butt and the back of my legs and sometimes, all the way to my toes, I began to search for what was causing the severe lower back pain and discovered it was due to a pinched sciatic nerve and the pain was referred to as sciatica.
So, I began asking my self is there a cure for my sciatica? The simple answer I found was no there is no real cure for sciatica but, once you understand exactly what sciatica is, and what causes it, you can then take steps to relieve the pain and with the right exercises can keep it from returning.

Since I can’t cure my sciatica let us take a look at what causes sciatica and ways to relieve the pain and some exercises, we can do to keep it from returning. First of all, the sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body, it begins at the lower part of the spinal cord extends outward through the vertebrae and discs in your back, runs down your buttock and legs all the way to your toes. When this nerve becomes damaged for any reason it becomes inflamed and this is what causes sever lower back pain that can run down your butt and legs and if damaged severely enough can even cause pain or numbness in the toes.

To cure my sciatica I need to know what caused the damage to the nerve in the first place here are some of the things that can damage the nerve and cause inflammation:

lifting heavy objects with the back instead of bending at the knees
a misaligned spine (caused by weak back muscles)
herniated or a ruptured disc
damage to the Piriformis muscle (this is a narrow muscle that begins at the lower spine and crosses the buttock and connects to the thigh bone, spasms, swelling or tightness of this muscle will put pressure on the sciatic nerve causing pain)
spinal tumors growing on the spine in the area of the sciatic nerve (again placing pressure on the nerve causing pain)

Sciatica can be felt as a burning pain, it can feel like pins or needles, and can shoot down your legs like a jolt of electricity, it can also be the sensation of numbness. No matter what the pain feels like it always best to get an opinion from a qualified medical professional to be sure that it is actually the sciatic nerve that is causing the pain. Once I am sure what the cause of pain is then I would look for ways to cure my sciatica.

This is what I do to cure my sciatica when I begin to feel lower back pain, first I begin with an ice pack on the lower back in the area where the pain is most severe, twenty minuets every two hours or so, and I always make sure there is some type of cloth between the ice pack and my skin so as not to damage the skin. I do this for about two days until the pain is bearable then start with what is known as the MacKenzie Method, these are exercises designed to stretch or extend the back with backward bending of the back. These exercises, centralize the pain in the low back, once centralized, the sciatic nerve will begin to heal, and eventual stop hurting. Continuing these exercises after the pain has left is the way I cure my sciatica and keep it from returning.

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