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Image from page 392 of “Clinical gyncology, medical and surgical” (1895)
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Title: Clinical gyncology, medical and surgical
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Authors: Keating, John M. (John Marie), 1852-1893 Coe, Henry Clark, 1856-
Subjects: Women Gynecology
Publisher: Philadelphia, Lippincott
Contributing Library: Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
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inflammatory impulse, may assume the characteristics of asero-purulent exudate, in which event its membranous incapsulation isincreased in thickness and density, the combination of the two tending tothe production of an encysted abscess. The fibrinous variety of this ailment may form a part of the serous,as already indicated; but a fibrinous exudate may be the predominatingfeature from the first. We here find the peritoneal surface covered to agreater or less extent with a coating of lymph, the serous exudate being asubordinate feature. The tendency of such conditions is towards organiza-tion, with the creation of strong and well-formed areas of new connectivetissue, which serve to bind together the apposed faces of the organs ortissues involved. From this source we may have an imprisonment of every affected organ.This condition of affairs is best seen in the fastening of the appendages intheir several abnormal positions, already noted, in the fixation of the uterus Tr.ATE IV. Bladder

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Bladder, uterus and appendages, and rectum all united by adhesions. 354: INFLAMMATION OF THE FEMALE GENITAL ORGANS. generally a direct development from an exudation upon the peritoneal sur-face in conjunction with a salpingitis or an oophoritis, it is also a formationsecondary to ovarian abscesses, to pyosalpinx, to a ruptured extra-uterinefetation, to peritoneal hematocele, and perhaps to a cellulitis. When sec-ondary to pyosalpinx, ovarian abscess, and cellulitis, it results from themigration of pus from these sources, the peritoneum, as already pointed out,furnishing limiting adhesions as the migration progresses. When secondaryto extra-uterine fcetation or hematocele, it appears merely to represent thetransformation of the extravasated material into pus, the transformationbeing the result of infection from some such source as associated salpingitis.1 Pelvic Abscess.—Reference to what has been said upon the subject ofsuppurative inflammation in the various organs and structures o

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